Things to Do in Bugis Singapore

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Things to Do in Bugis Singapore: Ultimate Guide for Endless Fun & Adventure

Bugis, Singapore, is bursting at the seams with vibrant culture and endless activities, and trust me, it’s a traveler’s dream come true.

One of the things that keeps me coming back is the eclectic mix of modern and traditional that you find here.

Take a walk, and you’ll be wrapped in the historical charm of landmarks like the Sultan Mosque, only to turn the corner into Haji Lane, a hipster’s paradise with its indie boutiques and funky murals.

This contrast between the old and the new, the converted shophouses now housing contemporary art spots, captures the essence of Bugis Singapore.

For a night owl like me, the local bar scene never disappoints with its craft cocktails and live music pulsating through the evening air.

Key Takeaways

  • Bugis is a culturally rich neighborhood that tantalizes all the senses with its diverse offerings.
  • A blend of history and hip scene, it provides a unique experience through landmarks, local markets, and trendy spots.
  • It’s the perfect blend for travelers seeking a comprehensive taste of Singapore’s local flair and modern twists.

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Bugis Singapore: area by area

The Bugis area in Singapore, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, can be divided into several vital zones, each with its distinct character and attractions:

Bugis Singapore Map : Area by Area
  1. Bugis Street: Once famous for its night market and street food, modern Bugis Street is now part of the Bugis Junction shopping complex.
    It’s a bustling area with many shopping options, including trendy fashion stores, souvenir shops, and various eateries (Wikipedia).
  2. Bugis Village is another shopping zone known for its more traditional and budget-friendly shopping experience. It’s a great place to hunt for bargains and discover unique items that you might not find in the more mainstream shopping centers.
  3. Kampong Glam: Adjacent to Bugis, Kampong Glam is a historic district that was once the seat of Malay royalty in Singapore. Today, it is a thriving cultural enclave, home to the iconic Sultan Mosque and many boutiques, hip cafes, and traditional textile shops. The area blends Malay, Arab, and Turkish influences, making it a unique cultural tapestry within Bugis Singapore.
  4. Albert Centre is a popular food center and wet market near Bugis. Locals go there to get fresh produce and enjoy a wide array of local hawker food. The center adds a local flavor to the Bugis area and contrasts with the more commercialized shopping centers.
  5. Arts and Cultural District: Bugis is also part of Singapore’s arts and cultural district, with institutions like the National Library and the Bras Basah Complex, known for its bookstores and art supplies shops. The area is also home to several art schools, museums, and galleries, contributing to its reputation as a hub for creativity and learning.
  6. Civic District: Bordering the Bugis area is the Civic District, where you’ll find many of Singapore’s historical landmarks, such as the Raffles Hotel, the National Museum of Singapore, and the War Memorial Park. This area is rich in history and architecture and provides a glimpse into Singapore’s colonial past.

The Bugis Singapore area is a microcosm of Singapore’s diversity, offering a blend of the old and the new, traditional markets and modern retail, and cultural diversity within a walkable urban space.

A Quick History of Bugis Singapore

Your journey through Bugis Singapore is not just a walk; it’s a dance through history, where every corner has a story.

The Bugis seafarers from South Sulawesi, Indonesia, were once synonymous with this district.

Bugis People Boatbuilder in Singapore

These intrepid sailors were known for their prowess in navigating the seas, bringing a wealth of culture and commerce to Singapore’s shores.

The Bugis people in Singapore have a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century when they were among the first groups to arrive after the British established a trading post on the island.

Originally from the Celebes islands in Indonesia, the Bugis were skilled seafarers and traders who contributed significantly to the maritime trade in the region.

In Singapore, the Bugis quickly became known for their entrepreneurial spirit and played a crucial role in the local economy, engaging in trade with the Chinese, Europeans, and other communities.

They settled in the area now known as Bugis, which became a bustling center of commerce.

Over time, the Bugis in Singapore assimilated into the broader Malay community but retained their unique cultural heritage and traditions.

Singapore Old Bugis Street - Trans Community

The area of Bugis in Singapore today is a testament to this heritage, with its vibrant markets and the famous Bugis Street. It has evolved from its past as a gathering place for the trans community to a modern shopping destination.

Bugis Singapore Then
Bugis Singapore Now

Bugis is more than just a name; it’s a legacy of a people, a story of transformation, and a living, breathing chapter of Singapore’s rich tapestry.

How to Get To Bugis Singapore

To get to Bugis Area in Singapore, you have several options:

  • By Bus: You can take a bus to the nearest bus stop, such as Victoria St – Opp Bugis Stn Exit C (01112), which is a 2-minute walk away from Bugis Junction.
  • By Taxi: You can hail a taxi directly to Bugis Street or use one of the taxi booking service hotlines mentioned, such as SMRT Taxis—6555 8888, Comfort Taxi—6552 1111, or Trans Cab—6555 3333.
  • By MRT: Bugis MRT Station is connected to Bugis Street, and you can take either the East-West Line or the Downtown Line to reach there. Bugis MRT Station is directly linked to Bugis Junction, which is very close to Bugis Street.
  • By private hire car: You can book a ride with GrabCar, a reliable private hire car-hailing service. You can easily book a ride through the Grab app, and a driver will take you directly to your destination.

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Shopping Guide on Bugis Street

When I meander through Bugis Street, it always strikes me as a bustling hive of activity, rich with the heady scent of street food and the vivid colors of countless shops.

Local Markets and Fashion Stalls

The first thing that grabbed my attention in Bugis Street was the electric atmosphere of its local markets.

 Bugis Street Market
Bugis Street Singapore Clothing Collection

At Bugis Street Market, you’ve got a delightful maze with over 800 stalls to navigate. Trust me, it’s a fashionista’s wonderland!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the eclectic mix of affordable fashion stalls where you can snag trendy outfits and stylish accessories and maybe even haggle a little. My wardrobe has its quirky touch from here.

Fashion Finds:

  • Trendy clothes: From casual tees to fancy dresses.
  • Footwear: Sneakers, sandals, you name it.
  • Accessories: Eclectic jewelry and watches that catch the eye.

Souvenir Shops

Now, for anyone looking to bring back a slice of Singapore, the souvenir shops in Bugis Singapore have got you covered. I’ve picked up some adorable trinkets and snacks that are perfect for gifting.

Singapore Souvenirs Shop in Bugis Singapore
Singapore Chocolate Souvenirs

There’s a shop on practically every corner, each stacked with keepsakes from miniature Merlion statues to Singapore’s famous orchid perfumes.

Although some might say they’re a tad cliché, they are charming mementos of my travels.

Souvenir Selection:

  • Cultural artifacts: Mini Merlion figures, keychains.
  • Edibles: Spices, local snacks,
  • Apparel: Cheap and cheerful ‘I Love SG’ shirts.

In all honesty, Bugis Street isn’t just a place; it’s an experience, shifting from the daytime hustle of bargain hunting to the gradual calm as the night markets wind down.

Sure, it can get crowded, and sometimes the humidity makes it challenging, but that’s all part of the charm.

Eating in Bugis Singapore – An overview

If your taste buds are tingling for a culinary escapade, Bugis is your playground, and I’m here to guide you through its gastronomic wonders.

I’ve spent countless hours meandering through this food paradise, and I’m thrilled to share my favorites with you.

Restaurants and Eateries

I can’t get enough of the diverse selection of restaurants in Bugis Singapore. One minute, I’m enjoying a bowl of Vietnamese Pho that reminds me of my travels in Hanoi; the next, I’m sampling a dim sum that transports me to the bustling streets of Hong Kong.

The Dim Sum Place Pao

For example, The Dim Sum Place serves some of the yummiest dim sum dishes, perfect for a leisurely lunch with friends.

  • The Dim Sum Place
    • Cuisine: Chinese (Dim Sum)
    • Seating: Roadside and Indoor
    • Location: 791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198759

Let’s kick things off at Hjh Maimunah, a gem that’s stolen my heart with its home-cooked Malay and Indonesian delights. Trust me, order the Nasi Padang and prepare to be wowed – each dish is a flavor bomb.

Hjh Maimunah Singapore

But the Beef Rendang? It’s a love affair in a bite – tender, spiced, and utterly unforgettable.

Feeling adventurous? Artichoke Café & Bar is where tradition meets whimsy. It’s Middle Eastern food, but not as you know it.

Artichoke Singapore

The Lamb Shakshuka is my go-to – it’s like a warm hug in a dish, with a twist that’ll make your taste buds dance happily.

You can’t leave Bugis without slurping some local goodness, right? Blanco Court Prawn Mee serves a pure magic prawn noodle soup.

Blanco Court Prawn Mee Singapore

One sip of that rich, prawny broth, and you’ll understand why I keep returning for more.


Afternoons in Bugis Singapore are incomplete without a visit to a quirky café or pastry shop. These quaint spots offer a particular charm to the artisanal pastries and handcrafted lattes.

Imagine biting into a delicate, fluffy pastry as you sip your perfectly brewed coffee—pure bliss!

Tipo Pizzeria E Trattoria
Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria MENU
  • Tipo Pizzeria E Trattoria
    • Specialty: Pasta and Pizza
    • Highlight: Cosy ambiance with a diverse Italian menu
    • Address: Waterloo Street, Singapore

For the grand finale, a slice of heaven from Typhoon Cafe Bugis+ is a serious affair. The Souffle Pancakes are a fluffy dream. These jiggly towers of joy are as Instagram-worthy as they are delicious.

Dessert Typhoon Cafe Bugis+ -Souffle Pancake

Drizzled with syrup and a dollop of cream, each bite is airy, soft, and melts in your mouth. The dessert makes you close your eyes and savor the moment.

Each spot I’ve shared with you isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a piece of my Bugis story, a chapter of delicious memories.

Take your time, indulge in every flavor, and make your food journey in Bugis one for the books. Happy eating!

Food Centres and Hawkers

And then, there’s the iconic Albert Centre Food and Market. The hum of hawker centers in Bugis is therapy for the soul, with the clinking of works and the chorus of “order ups!”

Albert Centre Market

My go-to delight here is the Hainanese Chicken Rice; it’s simple yet bursting with flavor every single time.

  • Albert Hawker Centre
    • Must-Try: Hainanese Chicken Rice
    • Experience: Vibrant and authentic local dining
    • Location: Queen Street, Singapore

Here’s a quick peek at my favorites in Bugis Singapore:

Eatery TypeNameCuisine/SpecialityNote
RestaurantMan Fu YuanChinese (Dim Sum)Perfect for sharing with friends.
CaféTipo Pizzeria E TrattoriaItalian (Pasta & Pizza)Great for cosy catch-ups.
Food CentreAlbert Hawker CentreLocal DishesA must-visit for an authentic local dining experience.

Exploring Bugis is like unraveling a delicious present, one bite at a time. Whether it’s restaurants, cafes, or hawker centers, you’re in for a treat!

Historical Landmarks

When I stroll through Bugis Singapore, I can’t help but be captivated by its historical landmarks. Each site tells a story of Singapore’s rich past and cultural diversity.

National Library

I am always drawn to the National Library, a modern beacon of knowledge amidst the traditional backdrop. This isn’t just a place to read; it’s an architectural wonder with a panoramic view of the city from the top.

National Library of Singapore
National Library of Singapore

I love to lounge in one of the reading nooks with a good book, often finding myself lost in both the pages and the cityscape.

Historic Temples

In the Bugis area of Singapore, you will find significant temples for Hindu and Buddhist followers.

Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore

For Hindu devotees, the Sri Krishnan Temple is located nearby. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is known for its vibrant architecture and active participation in religious festivities.

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Buddhist followers have the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, a traditional Chinese temple that plays a significant role in the Buddhist community. It is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.

This temple is known for its rich history and where many seek spiritual solace and divine guidance.

Both temples are places of worship and cultural landmarks, reflecting Singapore’s religious diversity and heritage. They are situated close to each other, allowing for an appreciation of the different architectural styles and spiritual practices within walking distance.

Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam is a historical tapestry woven with stories of Malay royalty and Islamic heritage. I’m always fascinated by the Sultan Mosque with its massive golden domes; it’s hard not to feel its spiritual pull.

Masjid Sultan or Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam Singapore

On a sunny afternoon, I first visited the Sultan Mosque, or Masjid Sultan, as it’s affectionately known. Built in 1824 and rebuilt in 1928 to accommodate its growing congregation, its history is as captivating as its architecture.

Nearby, the Malay Heritage Centre is a cultural custodian, showcasing the community’s storied past.

The entrance of Malay Heritage Centre, SIngapore.
Malay Heritage Centre

It’s easy to imagine this place’s past as the Istana Kampong Glam, the royal seat of Malay sultans in Singapore.

Now, it has been beautifully restored and invites visitors like me to explore the cultural roots and heritage of the Malay community.

Latest Update:

They will be back at the end of 2025.

Hajjah Fatimah Mosque

Meanwhile, the Hajjah Fatimah Mosque is a testament to women’s resilience and influence in Singapore’s history—a truly uplifting sight.

This mosque, named after a wealthy businesswoman and philanthropist, symbolizes the diverse cultural influences that have shaped Singapore.

Fact Table: Bugis Historical Landmarks

LandmarkPoint of InterestWhy I Love It
National LibraryCity views, reading spacesModern architecture and the perfect quiet escape
Sri Krishnan TempleCultural historyColorful architecture and peaceful ambiance
Sultan MosqueSpiritual significanceGrandeur and community vibe
Malay Heritage CentreCultural narrativesInteractive displays and insight into Malay history
Hajjah Fatimah MosqueArchitectural beautyUnique story of female empowerment and heritage

These are the places where I feel the heartbeat of the city’s history. Every visit feels like walking through the pages of an open history book.

If you’re planning a trip to Bugis, these landmarks are not just sights to tick off your list; they’re experiences to savor and remember.

Bugis Singapore: Shopping Malls Overview

When I’m in Singapore, Bugis is one of my favorite areas to hit the shops. It’s the type of place that embodies the shopping spirit perfectly with its blend of modern malls and cultural vibes.

Bugis Junction Shopping Mall

Bugis Junction is a gem that stands out in Singapore’s retail scene, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s a cool mix of air-conditioned mall comforts with open-air market feels that capture the area’s buzz.

Bugis Junction Shopping Mall with glass covered roof

Picture this: shopping in a mall with streets, a glass-covered roof that lets you shop rain or shine, and the charm of historic architecture – it’s the best of both worlds!

It’s not just a mall; it’s a destination. The shops offering everything from international brands to local labels keep me browsing for hours.

Bugis Junction Mall entrance

And here’s a little tip: if you’re anything like me and love a good food break while shopping, this place has covered you with many restaurants and cafes. There’s even a cinema here!

Quick FactsBugis Junction Shopping Mall
Shopping VarietyInternational & Local brands, Specialty Shops
Dining OptionsRestaurants, Cafes, Food Court
AccessibilityNear Bugis MRT Station, Central location
Unique FeaturesGlass-covered shopping streets, Historic architecture

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes because you’ll need them for all the walking and exploring.

Trust me, Bugis Junction has something that will catch your eye- the latest fashion trend or the perfect souvenir to take home.


Nestled in the heart of the city’s Civic and Cultural District, Bugis+ is a haven for fashionistas and foodies alike.

Bugis+ Singapore
Bugis+ Entrance

With its sleek, modern façade and an electric atmosphere, it’s impossible not to be drawn into the excitement that this urban shopping paradise promises.

One of my favorite things about Bugis+ is the fashion offerings. Whether I’m hunting for the latest streetwear, a chic outfit for a night out, or unique accessories to spice up my wardrobe, this mall always delivers.

Bugis+ First Floor

And with frequent sales and promotions, my inner bargain-hunter can’t help but rejoice at the fantastic deals.

When I need a breather from retail therapy, Bugis+ offers an entertainment escape that perfectly complements the shopping experience. I often catch the latest blockbuster at the cinema on the top floor or challenge friends to a game at the arcade.

This blend of shopping and entertainment makes Bugis+ a complete lifestyle destination.

Bugis Cube

Nestled in the bustling district of Bugis Singapore, Bugis Cube offers visitors a unique shopping experience in its multi-level complex.

The mall is known for its specialty stores, which range from beauty services to bespoke tailors. Each floor presents a discovery, delighting shoppers who revel in exploring hidden gems.

Bugis Cube SIngapore

Unlike the larger, more mainstream malls, Bugis Cube prides itself on offering a platform for independent retailers and entrepreneurs. This supports local businesses and provides consumers with unique products and services that can’t be found in typical shopping centers.

Tech-savvy shoppers will be pleased to find gadget shops within Bugis Cube, offering the latest electronic accessories and innovative tech solutions.

The mall’s compact nature ensures that every store is easily accessible, making the shopping experience convenient and time-efficient.

Uncovering Art and Design

Wandering through Bugis Singapore, an undeniable artistic heartbeat thrums through the streets.

It’s as if every nook and cranny is alive with creativity. The vibrant street art practically dances on the walls, while the sleek lines of the architecture add a touch of elegance to the urban canvas.

For someone with a keen eye for the artsy and the beautiful, Bugis is a veritable banquet for the senses, offering up a delightful array of visual treats at every turn.

Street Art and Galleries

Haji Lane

I can’t get enough of strolling down Haji Lane; it’s an explosion of color that makes for the perfect Instagram backdrop. The murals here are just mind-blowing, rolling out stories with every stroke.

Drunken Balloon at Haji Lane
Vintage Wknd at Haji Lane

The boutiques here are as diverse as they are intriguing. You’ll find everything from vintage apparel to cutting-edge fashion, from handmade accessories to bespoke perfumes.

Each shop is a treasure chest, and you, my fellow shopping addict, have the key. Whether you’re on the hunt for that perfect bohemian dress or a pair of handmade leather shoes, Haji Lane has got you covered.

Bars Scene at Haji Lane

Take your time to explore the quirky trinkets and one-of-a-kind souvenirs that are as unique as the lane itself.

Chat with the shop owners, who are as eclectic as their wares, and you’ll uncover stories woven into the fabric of their goods.

These are the keepsakes that will remind you of the vibrant spirit of Haji Lane long after you’ve left.

Gelam Gallery

Imagine yourself meandering through the spirited streets of Kampong Glam, where the scent of rich spices mingles with the buzz of lively chatter.

Gelam Gallery Art
Glam Gallery, Kampong Glam

Here, nestled in the historic heart of Singapore, you’ll stumble upon a hidden gem that’s a feast for your artistic soul and shopping desires—the Gelam Gallery.

This isn’t your ordinary shopping experience. Picture an outdoor gallery where the walls of Muscat Street come alive with vibrant murals and striking street art.

In this corner of Kampong Glam, Gelam Gallery awaits to give you a taste of Singapore’s dynamic art scene and a shopping experience that’s anything but ordinary.

Gelam Gallery, a street gallery in Kampong Glam

So go ahead, lose yourself in the alleyways, find inspiration in the art, and maybe, just maybe, find that perfect little something to take a piece of Singapore’s spirit home with you.

LocationType of ArtWhy It’s Cool
Haji LaneStreet ArtVibrant murals that pop with culture and edginess
Gelam GalleryStreet ArtCutting-edge murals from exciting modern artists

slow, enjoy the ambiance, and savor the search for those hidden gems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top attractions to check out in Bugis Singapore?

Bugis Street is the heartbeat of the area, buzzing with colorful shops and vibrant energy. You can’t miss the Bugis Junction, a mall that mingles modern retail with the charm of heritage shophouses. Also, the iconic Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple stands out for its spiritual allure.

Where can I find the best street food in the Bugis area?

Head straight to Tan Quee Lan Street for a tantalizing taste of local delights. It’s your go-to for mouth-watering street food that’ll have you return for seconds. Trust me, the flavors here are as rich as the culture!

When is the best time to go shopping at Bugis Street market?

Head there during the late afternoon. Shops are fully open, and the crowds aren’t too overwhelming. Plus, it gives you the perfect light to snap those Insta-worthy market photos!

Can you list the nightlife spots to explore in Bugis?

When night falls, Bugis boasts a spectrum of spots to unwind. From sleek rooftop bars to laid-back pubs, there’s no shortage of places to sip a cocktail under the stars. Bar Stories is my favorite, with bespoke concoctions that are a mixologist’s dream.

Could you explore the historical background of Bugis Singapore?

Absolutely! Bugis has a rich tapestry of history woven through its streets. Trace the area’s evolution from a seafront filled with Buginese traders to the bustling urban district it is today. Stepping through its alleys, I can almost hear the echoes of bygone eras mixing with today’s dynamic pulse.

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