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Singapore Christmas Attractions 2023: A Guide for Family Festive Fun

Welcoming the Festive Season in Singapore

December in Singapore is a whirlwind of twinkling lights and festive cheer, and trust me, the country knows how to throw a Singapore Christmas celebration! The streets buzz with excitement as the air fills with the scent of holiday treats and the sound of Christmas carols.

As I stroll down Orchard Road, the stretch transforms into a glowing wonderland that dazzles kids and adults alike.

Video by @sherlybiangco x @singaporeforeveryone

For families, the annual Christmas Village is not to be missed. It’s a hub of festive activities where wide-eyed kiddos gasp at the sight of the towering Christmas trees and laugh heartily as they twirl around on the carousel. And for us adults?

Well, there’s plenty of holiday shopping and seasonal treats. I must admit, though, that it can get rather crowded, so it’s worth planning your visit to avoid the busiest times.

AttractionKid-FriendlyAdult AppealPersonal Rating
Orchard Road LightsYesYes5/5
Christmas VillageYesModerate4/5

Remember, December in Singapore is hot and humid, so dress comfortably.

It’s quite the contrast to the snowy Singapore Christmas scenes we’re used to seeing in movies, but it’s equally magical in its tropical way.

I always find the joy of Christmas in the smiles and the shared moments with loved ones here. So come over, and let’s usher in the holidays with a Singaporean twist!

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Must-Visit Singapore Christmas Attractions

As someone who’s witnessed the splendor of Singapore’s festive season first-hand, I can tell you that the island has truly transformed into a twinkling fairyland.

Whether you’re here for the shopping extravaganza or the family-friendly festivities, there’s something for everyone at these must-visit Singapore Christmas spots.

Gardens by the Bay: A Christmas Wonderland

The event starts on 1 Dec ~ 1 Jan next year

Christmas Wonderland 2023 by @johnrexell_and @singaporeforeveryone
Christmas Wonderland Singapore 2023
Garden Rhapsody and Blizzard Time at Christmas Wonderland 2023

Gardens by the Bay becomes a true Christmas Wonderland during the holidays, filled with dazzling light sculptures and festive markets. It’s incredible—a fantasy world of lights perfect for family photos.

However, it can get quite crowded, so try to go early or on a weekday to enjoy the experience fully.

  • Pros: Mesmerizing light displays family-friendly attractions.
  • Cons: It can be overcrowded, especially on weekends.

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up

The Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up is a shopper’s paradise and a vibrant display of lights that’s a feast for the eyes.

Video by @ana_vvt x @singaporeforeveryone

Walking down this iconic street surrounded by illuminated storefronts puts even the grumpiest Grinch in the holiday spirit. It will end on 1st January.

Just remember to wear comfy shoes because you’ll be walking a lot!

  • Pros: Fantastic shopping opportunities and incredible street light-ups.
  • Cons: Busy sidewalks, lots of walking.

Marina Bay Sands Festivities

Marina Bay Sands dresses up for Singapore Christmas, too, and there’s this bubbly holiday vibe that you can’t miss.

Video by @apac_explorer x @singaporeforeveryone

The area is a haven for upscale shopping and fine dining aficionados. Although things here can be pricy, the breathtaking view of the Marina Bay waterfront makes up for it.

  • Pros: Upscale atmosphere, stunning views.
  • Cons: High-end prices might not suit everyone’s budget.

Universal Studios Singapore: A Universal Christmas

No one does Christmas like Universal Studios Singapore. The parades are fantastic—the music, the characters, and the festive shows. It’s a haven for kids and adults alike.

The event starts from 2 December to 1 January. Book the ticket of A Universal Christmas in advance!

Here’s a tip: If you’re going with little ones, plan your day around showtimes to avoid meltdowns!

  • Pros: Exciting parades and shows, great for families with kids.
  • Cons: Tickets can be costly; plan for queues at popular attractions.

Book the Express Day Pass Universal Studios Singapore

Gardens by the Bay: A Christmas WonderlandMagical light displays, family-friendlyCrowded, especially on weekends
Orchard Road Singapore Christmas Light-UpShopping and stunning lightsBusy and requires a lot of walking
Marina Bay Sands FestivitiesLuxury atmosphere and amazing viewsIt is more to expensive segments than in other areas
Universal Studios Singapore: A Universal ChristmasFun parades and family-centric activitiesPricey tickets, long waits for attractions without express pass

There’s so much joy and excitement around these attractions that any negatives seem minor. My biggest tip for fellow travelers is to plan, consider your budget, and soak in the festive atmosphere as much as possible!

Family Fun with Singapore Christmas Events

Singapore’s yuletide sparkle isn’t just for the adults; it’s my pleasure to tell you that the festive season here caters to family fun in spades.

Having experienced these events first-hand with my family, I can attest that the city blossoms with joy, laughter, and a touch of magic for everyone, from the tiniest tots to the grown-ups.

Jewel Changi: Pipe Around the World (Mario Bros Theme)

Super Mario - Pipe Around The World Jewel Changi

This year, The Christmas event in Jewel Changi is exceptional because they have introduced a Super Mario-themed event in Singapore, bringing a beloved and iconic video game to life amidst the backdrop of Jewel’s stunning architecture.

Video by @ana_vvt x @singaporeforeveryone

The Shiseido Forest Valley and Canopy Park within me are adorned with fairy lights, lighted arches, and Christmas decorations, creating a magical and immersive environment for all who visit.

The festive spirit is tangible as guests wander through these beautifully lit areas, enjoying the sights and sounds of the season.

Changi Festive Village: Holiday Delights

The Changi Festive Village 2023 at Changi Airport is a beacon of holiday cheer with its candy-themed extravaganza.

This year, the Village has transformed Terminal 3 into a whimsical playground, offering a variety of attractions that cater to visitors of all ages, making it a unique destination for family fun and festive celebrations. It runs from 4 November –1 January.

One of the main attractions at Changi Festive Village is the Candy Snow House, where visitors can immerse themselves in a winter wonderland in the heart of tropical Singapore.

This attraction features real snow, allowing guests to enjoy snow play and experience the thrill of ice slides and an ice luge, bringing a slice of winter to the airport.

Candy Festive Village - Candy Carnival

The Candy Carnival is another highlight, offering many games, activities, and treats. It’s a place buzzing with energy and excitement, with candy-themed go-karts that race around, adding an adrenaline rush to the festive atmosphere.

The Candy Wonderland is at the heart of the festivities, which captivates visitors with its sweet-themed decorations and installations.

Candy Festive Village - Candy Kart

Towering figures such as a five-meter-tall bear and a seven-meter-tall rotating cupcake Ferris wheel provide a backdrop for enchanting photo opportunities and are a testament to the creativity and detail that have gone into curating this year’s festive village.

X’mas With A Splash @VivoCity by KIZTOPIA

Xmas-with-a-Splash-2023 KIZTOPIA VIVOCITY - Singapore Christmas
Documented by @mamasinfinitylove x @singaporeforeveryone

X’mas With A Splash at VivoCity in Singapore is a unique holiday event that blends the joyous atmosphere of Christmas with the excitement of water-themed fun.

This special event is known for its distinctive approach to holiday celebrations, offering a refreshing twist on traditional seasonal festivities.

Visitors can dive into ball pits, navigate through obstacle courses, or zoom down an exhilarating 8-meter tall water slide, all while enjoying the Christmas spirit in a splashy new way.

One of the main attractions at X’mas With A Splash is the specially designed Arctic-themed giant bouncy castles. These are both for bouncing and interactive, allowing kids and adults to explore and play in themed settings.

Book the ticket for X’mas With A Splash @ VivoCity

You can’t miss their snow play sessions, as snow falls under a 15-meter Christmas tree with festive music playing in the background.

With so many options, planning is key— but the smiles on my children’s faces say it all: each event is worth the visit. Here’s a handy table to summarize my experiences:

Event NameHighlightsThings to Note
Changi Festive VillageAll-age entertainmentPerfect for diverse interests
Jewel Changi: Pipe Around the World (Mario Bros Theme)All-age entertainmentIt is more enjoyable with the Mario Bros theme.
X’MAS WITH A SPLASH @ VIVOCITYSweet-themed funSugar overload possible

When diving into these festive experiences, I always check out timings and possible bookings where needed. The blend of festive activities ensures that families will find something special to make their holiday season in Singapore truly magical.

Singapore’s Winter Playlands

I can’t get enough of the festive cheer in Singapore, especially when it transforms into a dazzling winter playland for Singapore Christmas!

If you’re a child or hold onto a youthful spirit, a captivating snowy spectacle and an exhilarating icy adventure are ready to be uncovered.

Ice Magic: The Winter Wonderland Experience

Ice Magic Winter WOnderland - SIngapore Christmas

Imagine stepping into a snowy village in Singapore – it’s possible at Ice Magic: The Winter Wonderland, located at the Bayfront Event Space. Pull on your winter jacket and experience the thrill of ice skating, snow slides, and even an ice bowling alley.

The crisp, cold air is so refreshing, but the real magic comes when you throw your first snowball – something I wouldn’t miss for the world.

Tanglin Mall’s Snow Splendours

And for a magical snowfall in the tropics, don’t overlook Tanglin Mall’s Snow Splendours that end on 1 January. This annual treat will delight the kids who have never seen snow.

Witnessing their faces light up as snowflakes dance down—it’s priceless. While it’s not the typical winter chill, it sure adds a spark of winter wonderland to our sunny island.

AttractionKey ActivitiesIdeal For
Ice Magic: The Winter WonderlandIce Skating, Snow SlidesFamily & Adventure Seekers
Tanglin Mall’s Snowy SurpriseSnow ShowsKids & Those Young at Heart

Shopping for Singapore Christmas

As an avid shopper and family blogger, I’ve scoured Singapore’s holiday markets this year and found them buzzing with festive spirit.

The city’s transformed into a yuletide paradise where shopaholics and gift hunters can revel in a merry treasure trove.

Seasonal Shopping at Plaza Singapura and Ngee Ann City

Plaza Singapura and Ngee Ann City are not just regular malls; they transform into holiday bastions where festive cheer meets retail therapy.

I always make it a point to visit both for their seasonal decor and exclusive deals. The former offers an eclectic mix of mainstream brands and quirky pop-ups, while the latter exudes a more upscale vibe with designer boutiques.

What I Love:

  • Plaza Singapura: Its central location makes it super convenient for a quick gift run.
  • Ngee Ann City: The variety of luxury brands is unrivaled – perfect for finding that extra-special gift.

However, it can get pretty crowded, so brace yourself for the holiday rush and remember that patience is part of the seasonal package!

Summary Table:

Plaza SingapuraDiverse shopping optionsExpect crowds
Ngee Ann CityLuxury brands, designer giftsSave up for splurges

In my opinion, the holiday season is the best time to explore Singapore’s vibrant shopping scene.

Markets and malls alike are decked out in their festive finest, and there’s something gratifying about finding just the right gift for someone you care about.

My advice? Take your time, enjoy the decorations, and soak in the festive atmosphere. Happy shopping!

Planning Your Visit to Singapore Christmas Experience

When eyeing the vibrant celebrations of Christmas in Singapore for December 2023 and January 2024, it’s exciting to think about the numerous options for holiday fun during the December school holidays.

I love the festive atmosphere that sweeps across the city, and there’s truly something for everyone, from solo travelers to families.

Dates: Plan to visit in December to witness the best festive decorations. January still has lingering festive events, but the peak cheer is in December.

Weather: Singapore is generally hot and humid, but December can be rainy. Pack light clothes and a raincoat or umbrella—essential not to let the rain dampen your spirits.


  • Visit attractions early or on weekdays to avoid the biggest crowds.
  • Public transport is efficient, and parking can be tricky during the holiday season.
  • Check event schedules; some activities require tickets or reservations.

Here’s a summary:

Key TipsDetails
Best Time to VisitBook tickets in advance for a visit during off-peak times.
Weather ConsiderationsBook tickets in advance visit during off-peak times.
Must-See AttractionsChangi Festive Village, Christmas Wonderland, Orchard Road
PlanningBook tickets in advance for a visit during off-peak times.
TransportationPublic transport is recommended.

Remember, while the Singapore Christmas can be a spectacular experience, balancing the bustling atmosphere with moments of relaxation will make your visit enjoyable for all ages. Happy planning!

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