24 Best Apps for Singapore Travel

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24 Best Apps for Singapore Travel: Explore the City with Ease!

As avid travelers, we know how essential it is to have the right tools when exploring new places.

Thankfully, Singapore has many handy apps that make our urban adventures a breeze.

We’ve identified 24 of the best apps for Singapore Travel designed explicitly to cater to various aspects of the travel experience.

These apps will ensure that our trips go smoothly, from transportation and rideshare options to food and accommodation.

Also included in our list are apps that help travelers grasp the local language and culture and book tours and activities to make the most out of their stay in this incredible city.

24 Best Apps for Singapore Travel Explore the City with Ease

Apps for Singapore Travel: Key Takeaways

  • Essential apps help travelers in Singapore navigate, dine, and book accommodations efficiently.
  • Language and culture apps can enrich visitors’ experiences and understanding of the city.
  • Rideshare, tour, and ticket booking options keep travelers well-prepared for a hassle-free trip.

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Essential Singapore Route Planning Apps

Google Maps

Apps for Singapore Travel - Google Maps

We can’t emphasize enough how crucial Google Maps is for navigating Singapore. It is the best app to use, especially for first-time travelers.

The public transport system in Singapore is reliable, and Google Maps provides accurate information on bus and MRT routes, making it a breeze for us to explore the city.


Apps for Singapore Travel - My Transport

For a more comprehensive view of Singapore’s public transport system, we recommend MyTransport. This app provides information on bus services, MRT lines, road conditions, and parking availability.

We find it especially helpful when traveling during peak hours, as it shows real-time crowd levels at MRT stations.


Apps for Singapore Travel - Gothere.SG

Gothere.SG is another app we like to use for exploring Singapore. Its primary focus is providing accurate directions and estimated travel times for various transportation modes, including walking, cycling, driving, and public transport.

Additionally, it offers information on nearby attractions, restaurants, and shopping malls, making it a great tool to plan our day and discover new places in Singapore.


This is how we use all the tools above as a local;

1. We decide where to go, access our Google Maps app, and type the destination to see an overview of our trip.

2. Then we access Gothere.SG App and input our locations; why do we prefer this app compare to Google Maps? Because Gothere.sg, since it is a local app, it often shows the route only local knows.

Moreover, If you are a bus traveler, Gothere.SG main strength from the beginning is to show what are the bus numbers you can use to get to your destination. Also, the combination of 2 transportation modes, bus and MRT, to reach your goal and how long the next bus or MRT will come.

MyTransport is our last weapon to know the real-time bus timing. It can be more accurate than GoThere.SG but mostly, we can choose not to use it.

Transportation Rideshare Apps


Apps for Singapore Travel - Grab

We found Grab a lifesaver for getting around the city during our travels in Singapore! Initially known as GrabTaxi, this app has grown extensively since 2012 and now offers various transportation services such as JustGrab, GrabTaxi, and GrabHitch.

With over 100,000 drivers, ride booking is effortless. One of the best features of Grab is the app’s user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for us to book rides and track our drivers in real time.


Apps for Singapore Travel - Zig App

Zig is a one-stop app that offers a range of services to tourists in Singapore, including ride-hailing, food delivery, and ticket booking for events and attractions.

The app is owned by ComfortDelGro, one of Singapore’s largest land transport companies, and six other countries.

Comfort Del Gro Taxi Blue and Yellow SIngapore

If you see blue and yellow color taxi in Singapore, they are owned by ComfortDelGro.

As a local, compared with other taxi companies, this blue taxi and yellow taxi are our go-to taxis.

The good thing about Zig is besides taxis, they also work with privately hired drivers to increase their fleet coverage in Singapore.

Tourists can download Zig for the first time and get a $3 ride promo code. The app also features a shopfront where users can explore various services and discounts.


Apps for Singapore Travel - Gojek Singapore

In our experience, Gojek is another fantastic option for commuting in Singapore.

Originally from Indonesia, Gojek started as a motorbike ride-hailing platform and later expanded to include cars, making it a great alternative to Grab. Whether you’re hopping in a “GoCar” or going for a thrilling “GoRide” on the back of a motorbike, Gojek has you covered.

One of the most notable features of Gojek was the competitive pricing, which makes traveling around the city more affordable.


Apps for Singapore Travel - Tada App Singapore

Lastly, we’d like to introduce TADA as our final recommendation for transportation rideshare apps in Singapore.

A relatively new player in the market, TADA focuses on providing a zero-commission policy for drivers and maintaining an ad-free environment for riders.

The unique benefit of TADA is its point-based reward system. As travelers, we loved earning points for using their service and exchanging them for discounts or other benefits.

Overall, finding reliable and cost-effective transportation in Singapore is a breeze with these four rideshare apps.


This is our choice of the rideshare app as a local;

1. Focus on Grab & Zig.

Why? Grab has the largest fleet in town – and they have various sizes of vehicles that can cater to your big traveling family or a luxury ride if you need it.

Zig is an alternative because their blue and yellow color taxis are everywhere in Singapore.

2. Based on our experience and other locals, Gojek is slightly harder to get the drivers if you are located outside of the city area.

You can wait longer to get the driver in Gojek, which is not worth it if you have limited time in Singapore.

3. TADA: not yet a challenger to Grab and Gojek regarding price and booking time.

Food Delivery and Dining – Apps for Singapore Travel

Regarding food and dining in Singapore, many options are available to satisfy our taste buds.

We’ve handpicked some of the best food-related apps for Singapore travel that have been our go-to for dining out and food delivery services in this vibrant city.


Chope App Singapore

Chope quickly became our favorite restaurant booking app in Singapore. This user-friendly platform allows us to easily search for restaurants by location, cuisine type, and more.

We particularly enjoyed the exclusive deals and discounts on the app, making our fine dining experiences in Singapore even more delightful.


Eatigo App Singapore

If you’re looking for great discounts on restaurant meals, you must try Eatigo. We were pleasantly surprised to find discounts of up to 50% off regular menu prices at various dining establishments in Singapore.

We enjoyed delicious meals at fantastic prices by making a reservation through the app.


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Burpple

When exploring the local food scene in Singapore, Burpple is an invaluable resource. We loved browsing through the app’s extensive collection of food journals, reviews, and photos, which helped us find hidden gems and popular spots.

Plus, the Burpple Beyond membership offered us 1-for-1 deals on selected dishes, allowing us to indulge guilt-free during our trip.


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Food Panda

For those nights when we preferred to stay in and have food delivered, we found Foodpanda to be a reliable option.

With an extensive list of restaurants and cuisine types, Foodpanda catered to our cravings for local and international dishes.

The app is easy to navigate, and we can track our orders in real-time, ensuring a seamless dining experience right at our doorstep.


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Deliveroo

Another excellent food delivery service we relied on during our Singapore adventures is Deliveroo. We appreciated the app’s sleek interface, and the delivery times were consistently fast.

With an impressive collection of restaurants, Deliveroo helped us discover a diverse range of eateries we might have otherwise missed.

Grab Food

Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Grab Food

GrabFood is a popular food delivery app in Singapore widely used by locals and tourists. As a part of the Grab App, this app offers a wide range of food options from local hawker stalls to high-end restaurants.

GrabFood also offers island-wide delivery, making it convenient for tourists to order food anywhere in Singapore.

Compared to other food delivery apps in Singapore, such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda, GrabFood has a few key advantages.

Firstly, GrabFood offers a broader range of food options, including local hawker stalls and street food, often unavailable on other food delivery apps.

Secondly, GrabFood has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for tourists to navigate and place orders.

Finally, GrabFood often offers promotions and discounts, making it a more affordable option than other food delivery apps.

However, Deliveroo and Foodpanda also have their unique advantages.

Deliveroo offers a curated selection of high-quality restaurants and is renowned for fast delivery times.

Foodpanda, on the other hand, has a more extensive selection of restaurants and often offers free delivery promotions.


This is our choice of the dining and food delivery app as a local;

1. For Dining

Chope and Eatigo are both useful for us; in terms of interface, Chope is easier to navigate.

2. For Food Delivery

GrabFood and Foodpanda are our go-to apps; we always compare the price, shipping fee, and promo between these two. The food selection vendors that we found in these 2 apps are huge!

Burpple is good for inspiration for what you gonna eat in Singapore, especially their social media content; you can make a decision instantly.

Accommodation Booking Apps

When traveling to Singapore, finding the perfect place to stay can be challenging. But fear not, fellow explorers! We’ve gathered some of our favorite apps to help you book your accommodation in Lion City.


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Agoda

Agoda is in our number one spot; Because of its advantage in Asia’s properties. So for us, it is great for finding amazing deals on properties in Singapore, be it budget hostels or luxurious hotels.

With its reward system, we can accumulate points on each booking, which can be redeemed for future discounts – great for saving some pennies!

Our personal experience shows that communication with customer service is fantastic. Agoda solved our problem with the wrong booking date. They did it quickly and came up with the solution.


Best Apps for Singapore Travel -Booking.com

We love Booking.com for its vast selection of hotels, hostels, and apartments in Singapore.

The app offers detailed descriptions, photos, and reviews of each property, making finding our ideal stay a breeze. Plus, the app has exclusive deals so that we can save on bookings!

Its user-friendly interface lets us quickly filter our search by price, location, and other preferences.

We strongly recommend giving Booking.com a try when searching for accommodations in Singapore.


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Hostelworld

If you’re on a tighter budget or prefer a more social environment, we suggest checking out HostelWorld.

This app specializes in hostels, offering various options catering to different preferences. From cozy, quiet spots to lively party hostels, we’ve found HostelWorld an invaluable resource in Singapore.

The app provides hostel overviews, ratings, and reviews from fellow travelers, helping us make the best choice for our stay. It even allows us to book directly through the app – so convenient!

So, there you have it! Next time you plan a Singapore adventure, explore Booking.com, Agoda, and HostelWorld to find your ideal accommodation. Happy travels!

Local Language and Culture Apps


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Hosay! App

We loved using the Hosay! App during our travels in Singapore. This little gem is a must-download for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the local language and culture.

Hosay! Offers users an engaging way to learn Singlish, a colloquial language that combines elements of Singapore’s official languages, including English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. With this app, we were able to:

  • Learn commonly-used Singlish phrases
  • Practice pronunciation with audio clips
  • Understand the unique blend of languages in Singapore

Not only did this app help us feel more connected to the local culture, but it also made our interactions with Singaporeans much more enjoyable and authentic.

SG Heritage Trails

Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Singapore Heritage Trails

Another fantastic app we discovered is SG Heritage Trails. This app allowed us to dive deep into the history and culture of various neighborhoods all over the island. Through self-guided walking tours, we could explore historical sites, architecture, and cultural attractions at our own pace. Some of our favorite features in the Singapore Heritage Trails app include:

  • Detailed route maps and descriptions of each trail
  • Stories, anecdotes, and historical facts about the places we visited
  • Pictures to help identify landmarks and architectural styles

With this app, we saw Singapore’s beauty and learned about its rich multicultural history. It’s an essential travel companion for the culturally-curious visitor to Singapore.

Using these two fantastic apps, we broadened our understanding of Singapore’s unique local lingo and cultural heritage, significantly enriching our travel experience.

Whether you’re already in Singapore or planning a future visit, we highly recommend trying these apps!

Tour & Tickets Booking

When we first set foot in Singapore, we knew that finding the best apps for Singapore travel in the booking tours and tickets category would help maximize our experience.

Why waste time searching for individual attractions when you can easily find and book them all in one place? Enter Klook, Get Your Guide, and Viator – our top picks for exploring Singapore!


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Klook Singapore

Klook is an absolute lifesaver for us during our trip to Singapore. We could book exciting tours, attractions, and even transportation with just a few taps.

The app boasts a user-friendly interface and offers fantastic deals on popular activities like the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, and Universal Studios Singapore.

With Klook, we found the following:

  • Exclusive discounts on attractions and activities
  • Convenient mobile e-vouchers for seamless entry
  • A vast array of options for discovering Singapore’s best spots

Get Your Guide

Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Get Your Guide App

Another gem we discovered, Get Your Guide quickly became our go-to app for booking guided tours and experiences. We could easily explore Singapore’s rich history and vibrant culture by offering various activities curated by experts. Some highlights we booked through Get Your Guide include:


Viator App

Last but not least, Viator is a fantastic app that helped us enhance our Singapore adventure. With unique experiences and engaging tours, Viator ensured we didn’t miss a must-visit spot in the city.

Thanks to Viator, we got to:

Armed with these three amazing apps, our Singapore trip was truly unforgettable.

Why not try them out and see what incredible experiences you can find? Happy exploring!


If we can choose one app for our tour and experience booking in Singapore and Asian countries, we will go with Klook.


Because Klook covers 90% of your travel needs in Singapore.

It is Singapore’s most extensive travel and ticketing platform, and the price is very competitive. That’s why as a local, we recommend it to travelers.

Don’t believe us? Check it for yourself at Klook Singapore.

Miscellaneous Travel Support Apps


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Parking.SG

Parking.sg is a mobile app that allows tourists in Singapore to pay for parking charges using their mobile devices at all coupon parking car parks.

The app offers a convenient way to calculate parking fees automatically, eliminating the need to display parking coupons. Instead, users can key in their vehicle number, select the car park, and indicate their parking duration.

The app will then automatically calculate the charges and allow users to pay using their credit or debit card.

The app also offers additional features such as the ability to extend parking duration remotely, receive notifications when the parking session is expiring, and get a refund calculated on a per-minute basis if the parking session is ended earlier.

Overall, Parking.sg is a great app for tourists driving in Singapore who need to park their vehicles in public car parks.


Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Changi App

The Changi app is a must-have for those flying into or out of Changi Airport. We found it an indispensable tool, as it provided us with essential airport information, facilitated navigation through the terminals, alerted us of flight updates, and even informed us about ongoing promotions and events within the airport.

In addition to these features, the app also offered useful tips on public transport options, making planning our journeys in Singapore easier.

Bike Rental App

Best Apps for Singapore Travel - Anywheel

When we wanted a change of pace from taxis and buses, we turned to bike rentals for a more active mode of transportation. One bike rental app that helped us explore the city on two wheels was Anywheel.

The app showed us the availability of bikes for rent and their pickup locations. Riding through the vibrant streets of Singapore while enjoying the impressive urban landscape was one of our trip’s highlights.

In conclusion, these apps greatly enhanced our travel experience by providing relevant and up-to-date information on various aspects of Singapore, like parking spaces, Changi Airport, and bike rental services. We highly recommend them to anyone planning a visit to this fantastic city.

Apps for Singapore Travel: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the top MRT and Bus apps for navigation?

    As seasoned travelers in Singapore, we can’t recommend Google Maps enough to get an overview of your journey. But for a more focused and detailed transportation app, use Gothere.SG.
    This universal app has helped us easily navigate the city’s MRT and LRT system; it’s an essential tool for exploring Singapore hassle-free, from finding the nearest station to displaying timetables and routes.

  2. Best food finder apps in Singapore?

    As foodies, we know the importance of discovering mouth-watering dishes on a trip. We’ve found that the Burpple app is an excellent choice for finding inspiration for both famous and hidden gems in the city.
    With its curated list of eateries and insightful reviews, you’ll never be at a loss for delicious food options!
    For booking the order, we suggest Grabfood or Foodpanda.

  3. Most helpful money-saving apps?

    Saving money on a trip is always our top priority, and we’ve found a few apps that are immensely helpful in cutting costs while in Singapore.
    The EZ-Link card app can help you save on transport fares.
    Watch apps like Shopback, Chope, and Fave for dining and shopping deals to keep your wallet happy throughout your Singapore adventure!

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