How to get to the Flow @ East Coast Singapore

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How to get to the Flow at East Coast by MRT?

Discover how to reach The Flow at East Coast quickly and cost-effectively with these steps!

Discover the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to reach The Flow @ East Coast by MRT and other transportation modes.

The Flow at East Coast Singapore

Our guide will help you get to this popular commercial center quickly and efficiently from any area of Singapore.

Although The Flow isn’t directly connected to an MRT station, our guide will provide a few options to get there, including walking from the station or taking a bus to a stop near the mall.

We will also share valuable information about the best type of MRT card based on your circumstances in Singapore.”

If you plan to visit The Flow @ East Coast in Katong, Singapore, we’ve got you covered with these steps to get there fast and affordably. Here’s how:

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Shopping at the Flow at East Coast in Katong

How is The Flow @ East Coast look like

The Flow @ East Coast is a unique shopping experience, thanks to its mezzanine-style concept shops that offer a benchmark for other shopping experiences.

As you approach The Flow, you’ll be struck by its impressive exterior. While it may not be the biggest shopping center in Katong, it’s undoubtedly one of the newest and most modern places to check out.

However, parking can be a challenge, according to guest reviews.

That’s why we recommend following our step-by-step guide to getting there by MRT instead of driving and trying to park. We hope our guide makes it easy for you to reach your destination quickly and efficiently.

How to get to the Flow at East Coast by MRT

Step 1: Access the Closest MRT Station

Accessing the closest MRT station is the first step to getting to The Flow @ East Coast via MRT.

Depending on where you’re staying in the city, you can access any MRT station that services most spots.

The closest MRT station to The Flow @ East Coast is Dakota Station (CC8).

If you want to avoid the hassle of transportation, we recommend staying at a hotel or hostel within walking distance of a station.

Fortunately, over 30 options of accommodations are located just 2-3 minutes walk from stations around the city.

Selecting one of these accommodations saves time, money, and the headaches of getting around. You won’t need to pay for a taxi to get to The Flow on East Coast or worry about parking when you arrive.

If you’re looking for some great options to get started with, here are a few properties we recommend:

It’s worth noting that Singapore can get quite hot from 10 am to 3 pm, so staying close to your hotel is a smart choice if you have the option.

We hope this information helps you easily and conveniently plan your trip to Singapore!

Step 2: Plan Your Trip to The Flow at East Coast – Lines and Transfers

To plan your trip to The Flow @ East Coast, you must know which lines and transfers to take.

For example, the Circle Line (CC) services Dakota Station (CC8), so you need to take that line to get to the station.

If you’re trying to get to Dakota station in Singapore, you can use a couple of transfer stations to reach your destination.

Just look at the metro maps in your first station, and you’ll see that Paya Lebar Station and Promenade Station are two of the most commonly used options.

You can easily hop on the Circle Line from either of these stations and make your way to Dakota.

It’s a convenient and efficient way to get around the city, and we hope this information helps you easily plan your journey.

Step 3: Buy an MRT Card to Dakota Station (CC8)

Before boarding the MRT, buy an EZ-link card (stored value card) at any MRT station or convenience store.

Ez-Link cards are easy to purchase and can be topped up with cash, making them a convenient choice for locals and visitors alike.

Ultimate Guide: EZ-Link Card Singapore, The Best Way To Explore Singapore

Another option to consider is the Singapore Tourist Pass. This pass are designed specifically for short-term travelers and can be great if you visit multiple places over a few days.

Even credit cards can be used to pay for transportation in Singapore, as long as they have the tap or wave feature.

This makes it easy to get around without carrying cash or purchasing a separate card.

Load it up with enough credit to get to Dakota Station (CC8).

Step 4: Make Any Necessary Line Changes, and Ride the MRT to Dakota Station (CC8)

Once you’ve bought your MRT card, board the MRT and make any necessary line changes to get to the Circle Line (CC).

Then, ride the MRT to Dakota Station (CC8).

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Flow at East Coast

Step 5: Get off the Train at Dakota Station (CC8)

When you reach Dakota Station (CC8), get off the train and head towards the exit.

Step 6: Travel from the Train Platform at B2 to Level 1 at Dakota Station

To get from the train platform at B2 to Level 1 at Dakota Station, follow the signs and take the escalator, lift, or stairs to the ground level.

Step 7: Take Exit A at Dakota Station

Take Exit A at Dakota Station, and you’ll find yourself on Old Airport Road.

Step 8: Take the Bus or Walk from Dakota Station to The Flow at East Coast in Katong

You can take the bus from Dakota Station or walk to The Flow @ East Coast in Katong.

Walking from the station to the mall will take at least 20 minutes.

If you prefer a faster option, taking the bus will cut your travel time in half. Alternatively, cycling is a quick and eco-friendly way to get there.

Directions for taking the bus from Dakota Station (CC8) to The Flow @ East Coast.

If you take Exit A at Dakota Station, you’ll find yourself on Old Airport Road, located directly north of the station.

Cross to the opposite side of the road and walk west for a few meters until you reach the bus stop.

The bus stop across from Dakota Station is called Dakota Stn Exit A/Blk 99 – Stop ID: 81181.

To get to The Flow at East Coast in Singapore, you must take a short bus ride and a brief walk. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wait at the bus stop and catch Bus 10 or 32.
  2. Ride the bus for six stops until you reach: the Opp Roxy Sq – Stop ID: 92111.
  3. Get off the bus and walk northeast on East Coast Road toward Ceylon Road.
  4. Keep walking on East Coast Road and cross Ceylon Road.
  5. Look for the pedestrian bridge over the road and take it south to cross East Coast Road.
  6. Continue walking south directly to The Flow on East Coast.
Bus Ride - Dakota MRT Station to the Flow @ East Coast

The bus ride and walk should take approximately 12-15 minutes.

Buses typically arrive every 10-15 minutes, so you won’t have to wait long for your ride.

Walking Directions from Dakota Station (CC8) to The Flow

Alternatively, you can walk to The Flow @ East Coast, about a 10-minute walk from Dakota Station.

  • To get to The Flow from Dakota Station, take Exit A and walk east along Old Airport Road until it becomes Dunman Road.
  • Follow Dunman Road east until you reach Ceylon Road, then turn right and walk south until you reach East Coast Road.
  • Cross the pedestrian bridge (mentioned in our bus directions) to the south side of East Coast Road.
  • From there, continue walking south until you reach The Flow @ East Coast.
  • The approximate distance for this walking route is 2.1 km, and it should take around 27 minutes to complete.

We hope this information helps you reach your destination with ease!

Walking - Dakota MRT Station to the Flow @ East Coast

Other Points of Interest near The Flow at East Coast

One of the biggest benefits of visiting The Flow is that it’s next to several other shopping centers in the Katong area.

This makes it incredibly convenient for shopping, dining out, and exploring the cultural attractions along Joo Chiat Road.

If you head south from The Flow, you’ll come across Roxy Square 1, Katong Plaza, and Katong V, all within walking distance.

Another must-visit spot in the area is the Peranakan Houses on Koon Seng Road, popular among domestic and international tourists for their beautiful facades. You can easily reach them by walking along Joo Chiat Road and turning onto Koon Seng Road.

For even more cultural experiences, check out the Eurasian Heritage Gallery, Intan, and Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple. You can access these attractions by walking along Joo Chiat Road and taking a few short trips to reach them.

If you’re in the mood for cheap eats, head north from The Flow to the Dunman Food Centre in Katong. Here, you’ll find all the local favorites at affordable prices.

If you want to explore further, consider checking out Geylang Serai Market and Joo Chiat Complex, located closer to Paya Lebar Station than Dakota.

Best Accommodation Options near The Flow

The Katong area, including the vicinity around The Flow, offers several great options for 3-4 star hotels. Staying in this part of Singapore is often more affordable than in Marina Bay or Sentosa Island.

While the hotels aren’t directly next to an MRT station, several bus services provide direct access to the surrounding stations.

One of the best things about staying near The Flow is the abundance of malls and restaurants within walking distance. You can easily explore the area on foot without using a vehicle.

Some of the top hotel options near The Flow include:

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy (Top Priority)

Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong

Village Hotel Katong

Santa Grand Hotel East Coast

Before booking a hotel, check recent reviews to ensure you’re making the right choice.

It’s also worth checking the hotel’s location on a map to ensure it’s conveniently located near Joo Chiat Road.

How to get to the Flow at East Coast by MRT – Conclusion

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to reach The Flow at East Coast via MRT in a fast and stress-free manner. The Katong area and the mall itself are incredibly convenient and worth visiting.

The most challenging part of the MRT journey to The Flow is ensuring your transfer to the Circle Line at the correct station. However, you can easily connect to the surrounding bus services once you reach Dakota Station.

While the walk from Dakota Station to The Flow takes over 25 minutes, taking the bus is a great option if you don’t want to break a sweat. Alternatively, cycling is also a solid choice.

If you want to explore more of the area, we recommend heading north along Joo Chiat Road to Paya Lebar Station.

Here, you’ll find some top attractions and restaurants in Katong and southern Geylang.

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