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Ultimate Guide: EZ-Link Card Singapore, The Best Way to Explore Singapore

Updated on March 2023

Are you traveling to Singapore soon?

Do you want to know the easiest method for traveling the country cheaply and efficiently?

EZ-Link is the answer!

EZ-Link card looks

The EZ-Link card is an electronic payment system for quick, easy, cashless travel throughout Singapore.

It is famously called a “Singapore MRT Card.”

In addition, the EZ-Link comes with a rewards system for using the card and discounts for paying for public transit.

Well, it certainly sounds like this card is a must-have for travelers in Singapore!

This ultimate guide: EZ Link Singapore will explain how to use the EZ-Link card and why it’s an essential tool for tourists looking to save money and time.  

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Ultimate Guide: EZ-Link Card Singapore – What is the EZ-Link Card?

Tap Ez-Link Card

The EZ-Link card is a contactless electronic payment method developed by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority.

Its program has a rewards system just for using the card, which is a big reason to enroll if you visit this attractive island country.

That’s right—you get points every time you use the card for transportation, shopping, and other services, and you can turn around and use those points to travel the country cheaply and efficiently!

Public transit, shopping, vendors, food, and community programs with over 30,000 acceptors are examples of the many services the EZ-Link card provides a cheap, cashless experience.

Where to Get EZ-Link Card?

The EZ-Link cards are sold in Singapore primarily at TransitLink Ticket Offices, Passenger Service Centers, and 7-Eleven retail stores.

MRT Ticket Office to buy EZ Link Card

If you’re a first-time visitor to the country, we recommend heading straight to the passenger service at the Changi Airport MRT station, or if you missed it, you can find the nearest 7-Eleven or Cheers and grab your card there!

To check where is the nearest TransitLink Ticket Offices near you, please check this website.

After you find the ticket offices, you can go to the counter directly to buy your EZ-Link card.

EZ-Link cards bought through these ticket offices cost only 12 SGD (Singapore dollars).

$7 cost is the card’s price, but the second $5 is reserved for you to spend using the card.

With all the benefits and rewards just for using the card, $12 for an EZ-Link card will probably be the most bang-for-your-buck purchase during your time in Singapore. 

How to Use the EZ-Link Card

Once you’ve purchased your card, there are already 5 dollars loaded for you to spend!

It is ready to use. So tap the card on the card reader at the MRT station auto gate, card Reader of the bus, or vendor’s credit card kiosk when prompted, and you should be good to go.

You can also activate your EZ-Link Wallet online or through the app to enable cardless payments. The Pay by Wallet system gives cardholders access to a digital Mastercard.

It allows you to pay using the app on your phone at over 80 million Mastercard merchants worldwide, including EZ-Link card-accepting services in Singapore.

Tutorial Video on How To Use Ez-Link

If you prefer to watch the video on how to use the EZ-Link before reading in detail, you can watch this video below.

EZ-Link Rewards and Benefits

The EZ-Link has so many rewards and benefits that it’s impossible not to recommend it to Singapore travelers.

Firstly, the card is convenient. It’s contactless, so you don’t have to insert the card into card readers and wait for the machine. It also enables you to travel much of the country entirely without cash.

Since it’s used for transportation, shopping, food, and other services, the EZ-Link card enables you to use one system to travel and experience Singapore hassle-free.

There’s no need to buy separate other types of Tourist Passes here!

If you activate your rewards on its app, you’ll also receive 1 point for every 10 cents you spend. This will save you money as you travel the country.

Does the EZ-Link Card Expire?

The EZ-Link card expires five years after the date you purchased it.

After five years, you must visit the TransitLink Ticket Office to exchange your expired card for a new one. $3 will be subtracted from your EZ-Link card’s balance to cover the cost of the card.

Unfortunately, you can’t pay in cash. It has to be covered by your EZ-Link balance.

If you don’t have enough money on your old card, top-up your account for the purchase or use any other non-expired EZ-Link card.

It’ll take a minimum balance of $6, though: $3 for the new card and $3 to load onto your new card.

Any unused balance on your old card will be transferred to your new card, so don’t worry about losing any of your money.

But if you’ve let your old card go unrenewed for over two years, expect a $1 service charge for every month you’ve gone without getting a new card.

That can add up, so renewing your card if you plan on returning to Singapore over the years is essential.

But five years is enough time to visit Singapore multiple times using the same card!

How to Top-up

Topping up your EZ-Link card is as easy as counting to 3!

If your card balance is running low and you want to load more money, visit one of the many service locations across the island.

You can top up your card at TransitLink ticket machines and offices, 7-Eleven stores (not including those attached to Shell Gas Stations), and ATMs.

EZ Link Top Up at Ticket Machine

You can also top up through the app. Simply navigate to “Auto Top-Up” and select the amount and payment method you’d like to load onto your card when its balance is low.

Why Do Travelers Need an EZ-Link Card?

The EZ-Link is so simple to use; it’s a must-have for anybody visiting this gorgeous island country.

The ease-of-use, rewards, and cashless, contactless payment method make it an essential buy to travel through Singapore cheaply and efficiently.

New Singapore MRT Map 2022

There is no pressure on the time limit (for example, three days pass) during your travel; you can use it anytime, on your terms.

It doesn’t expire for a whopping five years (and is easy to replace when it does) means you can use your card many times across separate visits.

We recommend the EZ-Link card to just about anybody who visits Singapore, but definitely, grab one if you’re:

•             Familiar with contactless, cashless payment cards

•             A first-time or returning visitor

•             Planning to travel a large portion of Singapore

•             Using public transit often and traveling slowly

•             A family-sized group or larger that needs the convenience

•             Traveling through Singapore for more than a few days

Transit with an EZ-Link Card

Transit at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3. Photo by Shawnanggg

Using the EZ-Link for public transit in Singapore is essential. It’s not only easy, but it’s also cheaper too! 

It costs about 17 Singaporean cents less per trip.

You’re also given a 25-cent discount when transferring between the bus and the MRT train system and the other way around.

So if you expect to pay $1 for your transit fare, you only spend $0.83 on average!

EZ-Link vs. NETS FlashPay

Nets Falshpay vs EZ Link

Like the EZ-Link card, NETS FlashPay is a contactless card that can be used for public transit, shopping, and other services across Singapore.

While both have a maximum load balance of $500, the EZ-Link is cheaper to acquire at $10, with $5 contributing to your loaded balance.

FlashPay cards cost $12 or $5 without a loaded balance.

FlashPay also expires after seven years instead of 5 for EZ-Link, but the EZ-Link has a comprehensive rewards program that FlashPay lacks.

Nets Flashpay Card

To answer the questions of Nets Flashpay vs. EZ-Link: These cards are similar, but the EZ-Link card rewards program makes them more attractive.

EZ-Link and Singapore Transit Apps

A few transportation apps complement the EZ-Link for the best experience.

The MyTransport app provides travel routes and information to help you easily get around Singapore.

Go There Logo

Alternatively, www.gothere.sg is a great tool to plan your routes through Singapore using public transit, and it’ll tell you the approximate fare and number of transfers you’ll need too!

The EZ-Link app is crucial for getting the most out of your EZ-Link experience. You can activate your EZ-Link Wallet, enroll in and activate rewards, and use the EZ-Link Motoring service to pay transit fees automatically.


  1. What happens when the EZ-Link card expires?

    When your EZ-Link card expires, it can no longer be used to make purchases. You will have to renew the card to continue using it.

  2. Where Can I Exchange My Expired EZ-Link Card?

    Visit a TransitLink Ticket Office to exchange your expired EZ-Link card for a new card.

  3. What To Do With An Expired EZ-Link Card?

    Once your card has expired, you can exchange it for a new one.

  4. What is the best way to use the EZ-Link card?

    The best way to use your EZ-Link card is by enrolling in the EZ-Link rewards program to gain points for your purchases and to use the card for public transit discounts.

  5. Do I need more than one EZ-Link card?

    If you travel in a family of 3, you need 3 Ez-Link cards for each family member.

    It is not one card for all family members, so one card only for one person.

  6. How do I redeem my expired EZ-Link card?

    You can redeem your expired EZ-Link card at a TransitLink Ticket Office.

  7. Why is my EZ-Link card invalid?

    If your EZ-Link card is invalid and fails purchases, it may be expired, damaged, or does not have enough money loaded on the card to cover your purchases

  8. Can EZ-Link cards be refunded?

    If you have a valid EZ-Link card or an expired card within the last two years, you can refund your remaining card balance at TransitLink Ticket Offices and most Passenger Service Centres in metro stations.

  9. Can EZ-Link cards be used as NETS?

    EZ-Link cards are now accepted on NETS Terminals at Hawker Centres.

  10. Does 7-11 accept EZ-Link?

    7-11 accepts EZ-Link contactless payment in Singapore.

  11. Does Cheers convenience store accept EZ-Link?

    Cheers convenience stores accept and can top-up EZ-Link cards.

  12. Where is EZ-Link accepted?

    EZ-Link is accepted for public transit, many retail and convenience stores, toll roads, and parking across Singapore.

  13. Can the EZ-Link card be used in NTUC Supermarket?

    EZ-Link cards can be used for contactless purchasing at NTUC supermarkets

  14. Are the Children can travel with Public Transport for free without EZ-Link?

    Children under seven years old and above 0.9m in height can also travel for free with a valid Child Concession Card.

  15. What is Child Concession Card?

    The Child Concession Card is a stored-value travel card that offers a convenient and cost-effective way for children to travel on public transport in Singapore.

    This card allows children to enjoy free public transport rides except for Premium Bus Services and NightRider services.

    It’s an excellent option for families exploring the city to save money.

  16. How to Apply for Child Concession Card?

    Parents or guardians can visit any TransitLink Ticket Office in Singapore to obtain a Child Concession Card.

    The card will be encoded with the child’s name, birth certificate or passport number, date of birth, and card expiry date, making it easy to identify and use.

    It’s important to note that each eligible child is entitled to only one Child Concession Card. Fortunately, the process is straightforward and hassle-free, with no activation required for the new card.

    Parents or guardians must bring proof of the child’s identity, such as the original birth certificate for Singapore citizens and permanent residents or the original passport for non-Singapore citizens.

    Additionally, they must provide their original NRIC or passport if submitting the application on the child’s behalf.

    The best part? The Child Concession Card is FREE, making it an affordable and convenient option for families traveling on public transport.

  17. What if the Child Concession Card is not presented?

    If the card is not presented, children between 0.9m and 1.2m in height may need to pay the student or adult cash fare, while children above 1.2m in height will need to pay the adult cash fare.

  18. What if my child is below 0.9m in height?

    All children below 0.9m in height and accompanied by a fare-paying adult commuter can travel for free on public transport in Singapore. 

Ultimate Guide EZ-Link Card SingaporeWrapping Up

So with all explanations above, we believe that Ez-Link is the most straightforward and efficient card to get if you want to explore Singapore comfortably, without a time limit, with big family members and longer traveling days.

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