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Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise Review: Is it Worth it?

There is always a new experience to try in Singapore; even though we are a resident of Singapore, we are surprised by what Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise can offer us, especially the tourists.

Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise Review

As we boarded the majestic Royal Albatross, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement for the sunset dinner cruise that awaited us.

With its impressive 22 sails, the luxurious tall ship promised an unforgettable sailing experience around Singapore’s beautiful waters.

But before we go further with this Royal Albatross – Luxury Tall Ship reviews, let me share a little if you are wondering what kind of experience the Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise is.

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What is a Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise?

Royal Albatross Sunset Dinner Cruise

A Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise is an unforgettable sailing experience aboard Singapore’s only luxury Tall Ship, a magnificent 4-masted, 22-sail super-yacht.

The Royal Albatross is a unique and luxurious vessel with a rich history and an impressive pedigree.

Initially built in 2001 as a replica of a 19th-century sailing ship, the Royal Albatross has been meticulously restored and refurbished to become one of the world’s most impressive and iconic tall ships.

The ship is now owned and operated by Tall Ship Adventures Pte Ltd in Singapore and has become a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Ship Layout

The Royal Albatross Tallship Cruise in Singapore has a ship layout divided into Upper Deck, Main Deck, and Lower Deck.

Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise - Ship Layout

The Upper Deck is where the dining experience takes place, and it is divided into two sections: Foredeck and Aft Deck.

The Main Deck is where the ship’s galley, bar, and Grand Salon are located.

The Grand Salon is a luxurious, fully-functional event space on the ship’s lower deck.

The salon is carpeted and handcrafted using 100-year-old hardwoods, and it exudes charisma and charm while supporting incredible acoustics, making it perfect for discerning clients and corporate and private events.

The ship’s cabins and crew quarters are on the lower deck.

The Grand Salon - The Royal Albatross Sunse Dinner Cruise
Grand Salon

The ship can accommodate up to 149 passengers and crew members and is fully equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems.

The ship’s luxurious interior is decorated with rich wood paneling, plush furnishings, and elegant fixtures, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxing and socializing.

The Royal Albatross is a masterpiece of design and engineering and is the perfect vessel for exploring the open seas in style and comfort.

How to Get There

Going to Royal Albatross via Resorts World Sentosa B1

We found getting to the Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise to be relatively easy as the departure point is conveniently located at Resorts World Sentosa, making it accessible via different modes of transportation.

The Sentosa Express is an excellent option for those who prefer public transportation. We took the train from the VivoCity shopping mall at HarbourFront Station, continued with the monorail, and alighted at Resorts World Sentosa Station.

As an alternative, we also considered taking a public bus, which has a stop near the entrance of Resorts World Sentosa.

For those who would rather drive, there’s ample parking available at Resorts World Sentosa. We noticed open-air car parks and multi-story parking lots, so finding a spot shouldn’t be an issue.

Walking is also a viable option if you’re staying in a nearby hotel or are up for some exercise. Some of us opted to take a stroll to the location along the waterfront, taking in the beautiful sights of Sentosa Island.

Map of How to Get to Royal Albatross Tallship

Once we arrived at Resorts World Sentosa, we followed the signs to the Maritime Experiential Museum, where the Royal Albatross boarding point is located.

All in all, reaching the Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise was hassle-free and enjoyable, setting the stage for a memorable evening on the sea.

Sailing Route

Royal Albatross Sunset Sail - Dinner Cruise Route

During the Sunset Sail on the Royal Albatross, you can expect to see a range of stunning sights as the ship sails around the waters of Singapore and the surrounding islands.

Here are some of the sights that you can expect to see during the Sunset Sail:

Leaving Resorts World Sentosa - Royal Albatross Sentosa Island
Somewhere around the sea
  • The Singapore skyline: The Sunset Sail offers breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline, which includes iconic landmarks such as the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer from afar.
  • The Southern Islands: The ship sails towards the southern islands of Singapore, but we only touch the outer side of St. John Islands.
  • This island offers pristine beaches and lush greenery, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening cruise.
  • The sunset: As the ship sails towards the horizon, guests will be treated to a stunning sunset over the water, creating a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere.

Booking Process

We book the ticket via our trusted Singapore Tour booking partner and get instant confirmation from them.

Below is our timeline (we sailed on Saturday, so if you sail on Friday, the timing may slightly differ.)


Please remember to bring your ID used during the registration.


4:30 PM – Registration starts

4:45 PMEarly Boarding (if included)

5:15 PM – Boarding Gate Opens (Everyone else)

5:50 PM – Gate Close/Captain’s Safety Brief


6:15 PM – 4-Course or 7-Course Dinner

8:30 PM – Ship Returns

8:30 – 9:00 PM – Guest disembark

Book the Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise

Before Sailing

What to Wear

Our top suggestion is to dress elegantly since it is an upscale cruise. Light, breathable clothing, such as a sundress or a nice shirt and slacks, is perfect for the Singaporean climate.

Additionally, it might be a good idea to bring a light sweater or scarf as it can get cooler on the water during the evening.

What to bring

It’s also essential to bring your physical identity card or passport and seasick pills if you are prone to motion sickness. Don’t forget your camera to capture some scenery.

Registration Process

Before setting sail, we arrived for registration; we handed in our identity cards for verification. And if you travel from overseas, you can show your passport for registration.

We received our boarding pass in the form of a wristband. Once we stepped onto the ship, we had to take off our shoes and pass the lanyard to the staff.


As we board the Royal Albatross, we’re welcomed with a selection of refreshing soft drinks and immersed in the enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional tall ship, complete with modern luxuries.

Table number 2 is located at foredeck of The Royal Albatross

Our seat was located on table number 2, at the foredeck section. We had unblocked views of the sea! We are so lucky!

While waiting for the ship to sail, we were roaming freely from the foredeck to the aft deck.

The foredeck looks like.

Ten minutes before sailing time, the captain announced the safety brief. It was a clear and concise announcement; once he ended the speech, off we went!

Food and Beverages

The four-course dinner that was served onboard was nothing short of delightful.

We relished every flavorful bite, complemented by the sound of lapping waves and the gentle sway of the ship.

Between courses, we enjoyed engaging in conversations, sipping on our drinks, and simply soaking in the warm atmosphere, making this a memorable experience we won’t forget.

You can find the Royal Albatross Menu that we ordered below:

4 course menu - Royal ALbatross Sunset Dinner Cruise
the Entree, Seared Scallops in XO Sauce, Capelin Roe, Couscous, and Quinoa Grains with Sesame Dressing.

Our dinner journey started with the Entree, Seared Scallops in XO Sauce, Capelin Roe, Couscous, and Quinoa Grains with Sesame Dressing.

first main course, Classic Seafood Bouillabaisse which consists of Prawns, Barramundi, Blue Mussels, and Clams in Seafood Broth.

It was followed by the first main course, Classic Seafood Bouillabaisse, which consists of Prawns, Barramundi, Blue Mussels, and Clams in Seafood Broth.

The cruise offers a range of refreshing beverages, from alcoholic drinks (with additional cost) to non-alcoholic ones, making it a complete gourmet experience.

It is important to note that the menu for the cruise may change from time to time, and a vegetarian option is available. You can check with them via our partner booking platform here

Carlos Sendros, a Spanish guitarist and vocalist in Singapore.

While chatting about how amazing the view of the islands we passed by, One Year of Love by Queen sang beautifully by Carlos Sendros, a Spanish guitarist and vocalist in Singapore.

Before the song finished, we received the second main course, Garganelli with Beef and Mushroom Ragu alla Bolognese.

The skies are getting dark; we are sailing back to Sentosa Island. We finished the main course number two, followed by dessert, Apple Crumble With Vanilla Ice Cream, 30 minutes before the ship was due back at the dock.

Dessert: Apple Crumble With Vanilla Ice Cream

The interval between courses allowed us to explore the ship, chill at the Grand Salon, and watch the free fireworks from the regular show: Wings of Time at Sentosa Island.


Wrapping Up

The Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise prices are pretty reasonable for what you get, especially when compared to renting a small 30-person yacht in Singapore.

For a first-timer, I recommend online check-in to save time, wearing comfortable clothing, arriving early for boarding, and exploring the ship to find Instagram-worthy spots.

And don’t forget to make sure your phone or camera is fully charged because you’ll want to capture every moment of this unforgettable experience.

The romantic settings make the Royal Albatross Tallship Review – Sunset Cruise ideal for special occasions, such as anniversaries, proposals, or a memorable night out with our loved ones.

Check the Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise Availability here


As we sailed on the Royal Albatross Sunset Dinner Cruise, we noticed common questions and concerns among our fellow passengers.

Here, we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you understand what to expect during this unforgettable experience.

  1. Can I get Seasick on the Royal Albatross?

    While uncommon, seasickness may occur during the Royal Albatross Tallship Cruise in Singapore. Even though I don’t usually experience motion sickness, I felt sick around 45 minutes into the ride.

    Luckily, I found relief in the Grand Salon on the Main Deck and returned to the Upper Deck to continue the meals.

    A few passengers also experience the seasick, so it is fine if you got that as well.
    It is normal.

  2. Is the Royal Albatross suitable for special occasions and celebrations?

    Absolutely! Whether it’s a romantic date, a special celebration, or quality time with family and friends, the Royal Albatross provides a memorable and unique way to mark any occasion.

    Be sure to mention your celebration when booking your cruise so the crew can help make your experience extra special.

  3. What is the Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy?

    The sunset dinner cruise is typically non-refundable once booked.
    This means we should be confident in our plans before making reservations.

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