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The Most Powerful 3-day Itinerary in Singapore for First-Time Visitors

The Republic of Singapore (its official name) is a sovereign island in Southeast Asia seemingly tailor-made for the tourism trade.

The transportation hub within Singapore is fantastic, well-maintained, and capable of getting you everywhere you need to go seamlessly and fast. The tourism trade is alive and well here, and you can tell that the city has grown up around it.

Merlion Park during Sunset
Merlion Park, image credit to sacha fernandez

In this 3-day itinerary in Singapore article, as a first-time visitor, you will know what is the best time to visit Singapore, how to explore Singapore with any transport mode, the best places to go, and where is the best place to stay.

Let’s start this 3-day itinerary in Singapore for first-time visitors!

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Best time to Visit

Singapore’s weather is much like its neighbors: it can be hot and sunny one day and pour with rain so hard that you might change your mind.

What you want to see and do will help you decide the best time to visit Singapore.

Singapore Average Yearly Climate
Source: The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) is Singapore’s national authority on the weather and climate

July to September is the holiday season, a great time to see Singapore.

Singapore has a tropical climate, which is usually hot and humid all year round because it is in Southeast Asia.

The weather is quite nice between “summer” and “winter,” from February to April.

You could also say that these months are the best time to visit Singapore because there are a lot of outdoor activities and cultural and traditional festivals during this time.

May and June are the hottest months, with temperatures often reaching the high 90s.

Between November and January, it rains the most, making it the worst time for tourists.

This is the monsoon season, meaning it can rain for long periods, but the weather is still nice.

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    How to Travel with Singapore Transport?

    The next topic in this 3-day itinerary in Singapore is transportation. Yes, you will find that commuting in Singapore is super easy and safe.

    Singapore has well-planned road and transportation networks that will quickly get you around the city.

    Public transportation is an exceptionally comfortable and cost-effective means to commute here, thanks to its high interconnectedness and great cleaning standards.

    Given the exorbitant costs of owning and maintaining a car in the city, many residents opt to use public transportation.


    The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system is perhaps the quickest and most cost-effective way to get out of town.

    The MRT system is supplemented by the LRT (Light Rail Transit) system, a smaller network of trains that acts as a feeder service, allowing commuters to land closer to home.

    Most trains run daily between 5:30 am, and 12:00 am, with longer hours in place during particular holiday seasons.

    Trains usually come every 3 minutes during peak hours and 6 minutes during off-peak hours.


    Singapore’s public bus system is the most cost-effective way to get around the city, with an enormous network of lines spanning most of the city (though not always the most time-efficient).

    Most buses have wheelchair ramps, and the Land Transport Authority hopes to have all buses entirely wheelchair accessible by 2020.

    3-day Itinerary in Singapore - bus ride
    What riding the bus in Singapore looks like

    Another advantage of Singapore’s tropical climate?

    Every public bus is fully air-conditioned.


    Taxis and private hires are convenient and comfortable travel throughout Singapore (particularly to destinations inaccessible by train or bus).

    Moreover, they have comparatively reasonable fares when compared to other wealthy countries. While both transport modes are sufficient in Singapore, they can become scarce during morning and evening rush hours and on rainy days.

    3-day Itinerary in Singapore - taxi waiting
    Singapore taxi is waiting for the passengers

    Taxis in the city are metered, but fees may apply based on where and when you board the cab, the taxi company you employ, and whether or not you utilize a booking service.


    Renting a car is one of the most convenient modes of transportation that allows you complete freedom in your plans.

    For short-term stays, driving in Singapore requires a valid foreign license and an International Driving Permit (IDP).

    If an IDP is not accessible, an official English translation of a foreign license is necessary.

    3-day Itinerary in Singapore - Private Hire Grab Car

    You must have a valid Singaporean driving license to drive in Singapore after a 12-month stay.

    Our locally hand-picked 3-day itinerary for first-time travelers to Singapore

    So we have discussed the essentials above; let’s jump to: what to do in Singapore in 3 days.

    Day 1: The Main Attraction

    In the Morning Hours – Merlion and Esplanade Parks

    The first stop is almost an unconscious effort to pay your respects to the city, and there is no better place to do that than Merlion Park, which houses Singapore’s icon, which happens to be something straight out of myth and legends.

    3-day Itinerary in Singapore - Merlion Park
    Merlion Park at night during Spectra Laser show

    The Merlion is what it sounds like, a creature with the head of a lion and the body of fish (mermaid). A representation of this exciting combination is on full display in the center of the park, a giant stone effigy of a merlion fountain, gushing an arc of fountain water over the sea.

    The Merlion is the physical representation of Singapore’s history as a fishing village, while the lion head represents its origins as the “Lion City,” Singapura. Yet, despite the historical relevance, it’s a beautiful park, and it’s just the thing to get you in the adventurous spirit.

    Moving from the Merlion Park area, you’ll find your way to another park, the Esplanade Park, which contains the cenotaph, Queen Elizabeth Walk, and the Fountain of the Tan Kim Seng.

    The latter is a community customization project designed and instituted in 1882 and founded by Thomas Scott, a famous philanthropist, and educator. It may seem a little out of place with Greek Mythos, but it stands for the four muses representing art, the sciences, and literature.

    3-day itinerary in Singapore for First Time Visitors: Tan Kim Seng Fountain
    Photo credit to @devlintay
    3-day itinerary in Singapore for First Time Visitors: Tan Kim Seng Fountain
    A weekend well spent at Tan Kim Seng Fountain – Credit to @xoangeline

    The Queen Elizabeth Walk has little to do with the historical figure and more with a massive renovation process that included 124 men and women over the years.

    The Afternoon Hours – Orchard Road Shopping and Marina Bay Sands

    Nothing is better than chill out after a morning walk and pampering yourself with shopping experiences. This is what we going to do in the afternoon of your 3-day itinerary in Singapore.

    Orchard Road is one of the primary shopping hubs in the entire city, with a whole street lined from one end to the other with various retailers that cater to the tourism crowd.

    Orchard Road Shopping District by Rach Teo
    Ion Orchard
    Orchard Gaterway, Photo by Claudia Horne
    Photo by Claudia Horne

    The entire district is lined with bright, curved architecture, with all of the shops featuring curving, modern aesthetics.

    Each building is a day unto itself, where you could spend hours shopping for everything under the sun.

    The iconic shopping mall, Ion Orchard, is the first in Singapore and has six floors. The mall houses over 300 stores, restaurants, and entertainment outlets.

    And if you have time, you can stroll into the cultural and heritage area, Emerald Hill, in the middle of the giant shopping malls.

    House Facade at Emerald Hill by Amos Lee
    House at Emerald Hill
    House at Emerald Hill by Clarissa Budiman

    You will enjoy the charming bars at the start of Emerald Hill. Still, we feel this stretch of residences takes the prize for beautifully portraying (by restored architecture) the area’s history when it was previously a Straits Chinese settlement under British colonial administration.

    Then there is Marina Bay Sands.

    The Marina Bay Sands is stuffed to the brim with some of the finest dining options in the entire city. It also includes a casino that would give some of the best in Las Vegas a run for their money.

    If you’re not done shopping yet, there is plenty of that on offer at Marina Bay Sands, along with a breathtaking observation deck on the 57th floor of this towering center.

    Get your ticket to Marina Bay Sands Skypark in advance by booking with our partner 🌟

    The Evening Hours – Gardens by the Bay

    When you’re ready to give your eyes an exercise that covers probably every color ever conceived, stop by Gardens by the Bay. This world-famous garden is home to over 1.5 million plants from every corner of the planet.

    It’s best to go in the evening, which is why this belongs at the bottom of your first-day list. That’s because the light display is simply phenomenal, and when it is juxtaposed with the beautiful flowers and plants that this garden offers, it will take your breath away.

    That is day 1 of our 3-day itinerary in Singapore for first-time visitors.

    What do you think? Let us know in the comment section 🙂

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    Day 2: Explore the Civic District

    The Morning Hours – Breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery Foothills and Exploring Fort Canning

    Let’s start day 2 of our 3-day itinerary for first-time Singapore travelers.

    To start your Day 2, breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery Foothills is a must-try experience because of the unique experience you will get only in this Tiong Bahru Bakery outlet located at Fort Canning.

    Some travelers may be familiar more with its called Tiong Bahru Bakery Fort Canning Park.

    It would be best if you were at the front doors, waiting for them to unlock at 7:30 am. Tiong Bahru is a french bakery with all the mouth-watering flavors you would expect to find in Paris.

    There are plenty of varieties of pastries here, but don’t miss their Kouign Amann. The name is a combination of the Breton words for cake (“kouign”) and butter (“amann”). Kouign-Amann is a specialty of Douarnenez in Finistère, Brittany, where it was invented around 1860.

    If you want to stick around for a while, join one of their TBB Sourdough Workshops and learn how to make your french-style sourdough pizza.

    After you have done with breakfast, let’s explore our next attraction, Fort Canning.

    Fort Canning is more than just a fort; when you get there, you will think you mistook it for a garden. Well, that’s because it is a historical garden. While it can’t match the jaw-dropping effects of Gardens by the Bay in the evening, it’s still a sight to behold and a must-stop on your second day touring Singapore.

    Fort Canning Tunnel. Photo credit to @bucketlistbums
    Fort Canning Tunnel. Photo credit to @bucketlistbums

    There’s plenty to do here besides just looking, such as visiting The Battlebox and testing yourself in the Jubilee Park obstacle course. There’s also the Spice Garden, The Artisan’s Garden, and the Fort Gate and Wall.

    The Afternoon Hours – Lunch at Raffles City and the Raffles Hotel

    Raffles City is a major spot because there are many eateries to choose from. After a French-style breakfast, however, you may want to try something else, such as the Nam Nam Noodle Bar or the Hyang-to-gol Korean Restaurant.

    If you must choose, go to Hyang to gol Korean restaurant Raffles City instead!

    After lunch, you can grab a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel, primarily regarded as the national drink of Singapore.

    The Evening Hours – Asian Civilization Museum and Dinner at the Empress

    One of four primary museums in Singapore, the Asian Civilization Museum is an excellent place to cool off and explore the local and broader history of the area. The museum’s fantastic collection includes Nepali and Tibetan textiles and southeast Asia collections.

    Dinner at the Empress is an outside affair, with an excellent waterfront view, with traditional Chinese food in a more modern setting.

    Day 3: Fun Time

    The Morning ~ Afternoon Hours – Universal Studios

    Singapore’s Universal Studios is every bit as good and may take you more than a single morning to completely explore its various attractions.

    For more details about Universal Studios Singapore, check our Ultimate Guide :
    Complete Things to do in Universal Studios Singapore (2022)

    The Evening Hours – S.E.A. Aquarium

    It may be late afternoon when you find yourself at the S.E.A. Aquarium, one of the world’s largest oceanariums. There are ten zones to make your way through, along with 49 distinct habitats.

    It also has one of the world’s most extensive viewing panels and its breathtaking view of underwater life as it unfolds.

    Get your ticket to S.E.A Aquarium here 🐠🐟🦈

    If you have more days in Singapore

    Of course, three days will never be enough to cover what Singapore offers.

    An entire week may not be nearly enough. However, there are some alternative locations that you should at least mark on your map, especially if rides and water slides or some of the others listed above are not to your taste.

    We will cover those attractions in our future article in detail. So, please stay tuned!

    Where to Stay During Your Time in Singapore?

    Budget Options

    Budget hotels are the most booked options in Singapore for apparent reasons. No one comes to Singapore to spend the day in a hotel anyway. They spend most of their time outside exploring the cities

    Mid-Range Options

    Luxury Options

    Wrapping Up : 3-Day Itinerary in Singapore for First Timers

    Singapore is an absolute blast, no matter where you choose to stay or what you place on your itinerary. But unfortunately, there’s no way to compile a list of places to see in Singapore in 3 days without churning out a novel instead of an article.

    There are plenty of unusual things to do in Singapore, such as the Karting Arena, Haw Par Villa (a bizarre theme park on Pasir Panjang Road), bungee jumping at one of the Sentosa Beach Clubs, or even a sunset dinner cruise on a legendary sailing boat, Royal Albatross Luxury Tallship.

    If you need Singapore’s one-day itinerary, we suggest you go with a Day 1 itinerary,

    The choices are nearly limitless; no matter what you decide to do in Singapore, you’re bound to make memories for a lifetime.

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