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Best New Attractions in Singapore for Families, Couples, and Solo Travelers (Updated 2023) – Deals & Promotions

Updated on 29 April 2023

Since the pandemic, Singapore has added many interesting sights and experiences. They did their homework well by building the new attractions in Singapore to ensure the next travel boom to Singapore will be worth it for the travelers.

When was the last time you visited Singapore?
Or are you planning to visit the Lion City for the first time?”
There have been many exciting new venues and activities in Singapore since COVID-19.

Here is our list of some of the best new attractions in Singapore; bookmark this post and share it with your loved ones!

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New Attractions to try in Sentosa

1. Central Beach Bazaar

Central Beach Bazaar

One of the highlights of Central Beach Bazaar is the Sentosa Musical Fountain, which has returned to the island after many years.

The fountain features two curated 5-minute performances, including a tribute to the original Sentosa Musical Fountain.

You’ll be amazed by the selection of soundtracks from the iconic water fountain show that accompany the performances.

In between the fountain shows, visitors can enjoy views of the Sentosa SkyJet. This impressive fountain is 80 meters tall, or as high as a 24-story building, and is the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia.

You can appreciate its magnificence during the day against the blue sky or at night when 24 LED lights illuminate its beauty.

Central Beach Bazaar also features a FUN Shop at Beach Plaza, where you can find all sorts of souvenirs and beach essentials.

And if you’re feeling hungry, head over to the International Food Street, where you can indulge in a variety of delicious cuisines from around the world.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting day at the beach, be sure to check out Central Beach Bazaar at Sentosa Island in Singapore. You won’t be disappointed! 

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: Anytime

Ticket Price: FREE

2. SkyHelix Sentosa

SkyHelix Sentosa

From SkyHelix Sentosa, you’ll get a 360-degree overview of Sentosa and the waterfront! Ascending and descending take only two minutes. It reaches a height of 35 meters at its peak. You will then experience a bird’s eye view of your surroundings for 10 minutes as the gondola slowly rotates.

Visitors interested in aerial experiences should check out the Skyhelix Sentosa, the newest addition to the exciting offerings Sentosa provides to the city.

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: anytime

Ticket Price: $16.20 (adult), $13.50 (children).

Get the ticket via our partner from here: SkyHelix Sentosa Best Ticket Price

3. Scentopia at Sentosa – Singapore’s First AR Perfume-making Experience

Explore the wonders of scents at Scentopia!  Discover 300+ augmented reality experiences, enjoy free scented tours, and an innovative touchless perfume-making bar.

There are countless combinations you can create with 200 scent oils. Create your signature fragrance with their personality quiz during the workshop

Best for: couple, family

Best time to visit: anytime

Ticket Price: $80.75 for 50ml perfume. Join the Scentopia perfume making workshop here!

4. Abandoned Fort Serapong – by beyondexpeditions

Explore the Abandoned Fort Serapong

In 1879, the British built Fort Serapong, a labyrinth of tunnels and bunkers. It was armed with massive guns and guarded Singapore against pirates and enemies.

Abandoned Fort Serapong - Sentosa Singapore Expedition

Attack at Fort Serapong! It lets you experience Singapore’s wartime and colonial history. Bring history to life with multi-sensory simulations, immersive storytelling, and interactive props! Experience a soldier’s life at every historic site with fun missions!

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: anytime

Ticket Price: $150.00 per pax.

Save your seat and learn more: Beyondexpeditions Abandoned Fort Serapong.

New attractions in the City area

1. Clock Tower at the Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall

The Clock Tower Climb - Victoria Concert Hall

Singapore’s Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall was built in 1862! The 54-meter-tall Clock Tower and its steep history attract visitors.

It is open on selected dates, so visitors won’t have to admire it from afar. An inside look at the Clock Tower’s five bells is provided in a 60-minute tour. Since the construction of Big Ben in 1905, these bells rang the Westminster Chime.

This is one of the most anticipated new attractions in Singapore this year. Don’t miss it!

Victoria Concert Hall Building

Attractions type: Cultural

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: On selected dates

Ticket Price: $30.00 per pax.

Book your limited seats here: Clock Tower Climb

2. Hell Museum at Haw Par Villa

Hell's Museum Entrance

​​As part of a newly upgraded and expanded Hell’s Museum, Haw Par Villa reopened a few months ago with daily guided tours being offered. The new indoor gallery demonstrates how Singaporeans view death and the afterlife across the universe, from how time began to how we deal with death today.

Hell’s Museum may be best known for its surreal displays. Still, its overarching mission is to educate visitors about death from various angles, including Singapore’s approach to dealing with the dead, and hopefully make the experience more bearable.

Across its two halves, visitors can explore ten interactive exhibits, such as reconstructions of various cemeteries and displays detailing the evolution of major world faiths.
The Ten Courts of Hell are part of an outdoor sculpture garden featuring the other four.

Attractions type: Cultural

Best for: all travelers category (warning: for kids, it is quite a scary experience).

Best time to visit: anytime, 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday; closed Monday 

Ticket Price: From $10.00, check the time slot here: Hell’s Museum Official Website

3. Green Corridor

Green Corridor Central

Malaysia’s KTM railway line connected Singapore to Malaysia’s Green Corridor (the Rail Corridor). The 24-km railway route is now a nature trail even though it stopped operations in 2011.

Even though the Green Corridor won’t be fully completed until 2025, visitors can still enjoy a mix of dirt paths, concrete pavement, and railway remnants. Keep yourself hydrated while hiking with drinking water!

Attractions type: Nature

Best for: all travelers category (warning: for senior travel, mind the distance and the terrain if you plan for hiking).

Best time to visit: morning/evening

Ticket Price: FREE

4. Kingfisher Wetlands

New Attractions in Singapore, Kingfisher Wetlands. Gardens BY The Bay
Kingfisher Wetlands Gardens By The Bay - Singapore, credit to @dirganfasapixels
Kingfisher Wetlands Gardens By The Bay – Singapore, credit to @dirganfasapixels

Check out Kingfisher Wetlands at Gardens By The Bay if you want something to do outdoors. There are over 200 native mangroves on this 15,000 SQM reserve, including the Upper Orange and Firefly mangroves. Lalang fields, waterfalls, and sculptures make this a perfect gram spot. Entry is free as well. 

Attractions Type: Nature and Scenic

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: morning/evening

Ticket Price: FREE

5. Tropical Montane Orchidetum at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Cool House at Tropical Montane Orchidetum, National Orchid Garden. New Attractions in Singapore
Cool House at Tropical Montane Orchidetum, National Orchid Garden
Mist House at Tropical Montane Orchidetum, Singapore Botanic Gardens
Mist House at Tropical Montane Orchidetum

Explore the freshly enhanced Tropical Montane Orchidetum and be captivated by the lush tropical vegetation!
It is found in Singapore Botanic Gardens, the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and contains paths through blossoming flower beds and beautiful vegetation.

One of the 1,000 varieties of orchids and hybrids on display at the Sembcorp Cool House is the Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower of Singapore.
The comfortable air conditioning also makes for a welcome respite from the scorching weather outside.

The tropical Montane Orchidetum simulates the experience of ascending through a tropical montane forest, featuring orchids and other plants from the low and high-elevation montane forest.

Strolling the lush floral and fauna trails together as a family or on a date is a wonderful experience.

Attractions Type: Nature and Scenic

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: morning/evening

Ticket Price: $15 (adult), Free (child below 12 years old) can be purchased on the spot.

6. Avatar: The Experience

Best New Attractions in Singapore: Avatar : The Experience

Are you ready to step into the world of Avatar? As you walk through the misty Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, you’ll be greeted by a towering sculpture of a Na’vi, the alien species from the movie Avatar.

You’ve come to experience Avatar: The Experience, a unique and immersive event created by Neon Global in collaboration with Disney Location-Based Experiences and Lightstorm Entertainment.

As you explore the installations throughout the venue, you’ll feel like you’re part of the movie. The experience is presented in English, and you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the world of Avatar.

Avatar The Experience Gardens By The Bay Singapore

One of the highlights of the experience is the artistic sculpt representation of a new marine creature, the Ilu, from the upcoming film “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

It’s a sight to behold and will leave you in awe of the creative minds behind the event.

The storytelling is powerful and unique, and you’ll feel like you’re part of the story.

The event is the first global location of its kind, and you can’t help but feel like you’re part of something bigger.

Best New Attractions in Singapore: Avatar : The Experience

If you’re a fan of Avatar or just looking for a unique and immersive experience, Avatar: The Experience at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a must-see event.

It’s truly an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling inspired and amazed.

Book the Avatar : The Experience ticket now!

7. Forest Discovery Centre at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Forest Discovery Centre, Gallop Extension. New Attractions in Singapore
Forest Discover Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens. New Attractions in Singapore

A forest eco-system gallery inside a colonial bungalow, the Forest Discovery Center @ OCBC Arboretum opened as part of the Gallop Extension of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Kids and adults can explore interactive displays and videos exploring the environment around us. Listen to bird recordings and try to identify the different species via the photography installation or the photography of the trees within the gardens themselves.

This can be one of the best new attractions in Singapore for families. Don’t skip this discovery center with your loved ones.

Attractions Type: Educational

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: is morning/evening. Closed every last Monday of the Month

Ticket Price: FREE

New Instagramable attractions

1. Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

Museum of Ice Cream Singapore - main area

You’ll love this if you love ice cream or anything pink. In addition to unlimited ice cream treats included in the ticket price, the Museum of Ice Cream is chock full of Instagram-worthy spots. There’s plenty to see and eat at the Museum of Ice Cream, including an American diner with a jukebox and ice cream machine.

Attractions Type: Experience

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: anytime

Ticket Price: From $40.00, reserve your place directly at their official website: MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM SINGAPORE

2. Ice Hotel Gallery At Snow City

Ice Hotel Gallery
Ice Hotel Gallery - Raffles

Snow City’s Ice Hotel Gallery brings winter to the tropical island. Everything in this cool place is made of ice, from an ice throne to a snuggly-looking ice bed.

This is one of the new attractions in Singapore for families that you can visit more than once, and it won’t get your kids bored easily.

This Ice Hotel Gallery feature is a 17-meter-long snow field with five distinct thematic ice and snow art installation zones. Officially recognized as “Singapore’s First Ice Hotel Experience” by the Singapore Book of Records.

Besides furniture and ice sculptures, there’s also an ice bar where you can relax with friends and sip some drinks. The Hotel Room is perfect for a “daycation,” and the Dining Room and Ice Throne are great photo ops.

Snow City will provide you with jackets, boots, and gloves, so wear long pants and socks beforehand, so you don’t freeze.

Attractions Type: Experience

Best for: all travelers category

Best time to visit: morning/evening

Ticket Price: From $12.00 per pax.

Book the ticket with our partner here: ICE HOTEL GALLERY, SNOW CITY.

New Adventurous Attractions

1. KF1 Karting Circuit

KF1 Karting Circuit
Pit Stop at KF1 Karting Circuit
Racing time at KF1 Karting Circuit

Those who crave adrenaline and thrills can do this in Singapore. A 750-meter track boasting 16 corners and friendly racing await visitors on this indoor karting circuit. Karters can choose from novice and advanced levels depending on their skill level.

Beginner karting sessions feature a 30 km/h speed limit. Meanwhile, speed limits at advanced levels are 50 km/h. Kids as young as nine can drive karts without a driving license at the novice level. But you must be at least 140cm tall.

Attractions Type: Self ride

Best for couple, solo

Best time to visit: anytime,

Operational Hours: Weekdays: 1 pm to 9 pm, Weekends & PHs: 10 am to 9 pm, Closed on Wednesdays for maintenance

Ticket Price: From $28.00 per pax. Book your slot at their official page: KF1 Karting Circuit at Expo

2. Waterbike Singapore

Water Bike Singapore

With Waterbike Singapore, you can ride on the water for the first time! With a water bike, you can ride a bicycle on the water by mounting it on two floats.

Due to its lightweight frame, the bicycle can glide over water at speeds up to 15 kph. It is so simple to operate that even a seven-year-old can do it! You can have fun with this family-friendly experience!

Attractions Type: Self ride

Best for: couple, solo

Best time to visit: afternoon – evening

Ticket Price for renting a waterbike: From $30 per hour.

Book yours here: WaterBike Singapore Rental

3. Coastal PlayGrove

Coastal PlayGrove at East Coast Park
Play Tower features a vertical net play, the Vertical Challenge at Coastal PlayGrove

Coastal PlayGrove lets you bring your inner child out! It replaced the now-gone Big Splash and features huge slides, wading pools, and jet fountains in addition to vertical climbing nets and climbing nets. Best of all, admission is free.

The impressive play tower at Coastal PlayGrove serves as the park’s focal point.
The multi-level, 16-meter-tall structure, with a spectacular playground, is hard to miss.

Additionally, the “open” layout of Coastal PlayGrove provides residents with breathtaking coastline vistas.
This enhances the sense of oneness with East Coast Park and the beach in the area.

Attractions Type: Family Playground

Best for: family

Best time to visit: morning/evening

Ticket Price: FREE


Are you prepared to take in nature, art, and adventures?
These new Singaporean attractions are just waiting to be explored!

Therefore, if you’re seeking new attractions in Singapore to visit with your family, bookmark these best new attractions in Singapore!
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