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Ultimate Guide to Coney Island Singapore

Coney Island Singapore sits off the coast of Punggol. Originally, the island was only accessible by boat; however, in 2015, the country opened up two bridges connecting the island to mainland Singapore.

The bridge at Coney Island West Entrance is the easiest way for visitors to access the island. You can find the bridge about 500 meters from Punggol Settlement

West Gate of Coney Island Singapore
Coney Island’s West Entrance

The east side entrance connects Lorong Halus to Coney Island. The Lorong Halus Coney Island Bridge is famous for its unique structure of red bars that crisscross around the bridge. 

Coming to Coney Island Singapore via Lorong Halus Bridge by @jack.tagay

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Coney Island Map 

Coney Island Map, credit to Strait Times
Coney Island Map, credit to Strait Times

How to get to Coney Island Singapore 

Both entry points to Coney Island are accessible by foot. However, many people choose to take the 84 bus over to Punggol Road End and walk from there to the island. 

Some choose to cycle across the bridges into the island. The pathways are generally flat and well-preserved, making them easy for all levels of cyclists to maneuver. 

Our favorite take? From the Punggol Road End side, it is easier to access and has more facilities.

Coney Island Singapore Facts 

Coney Island: Operating Hours 

The island is open to visitors at 7 am, and the gates close at 7 pm. 

Coney Island: Entrance Fee 

Entrance into Coney Island Singapore is accessible to the public.

Coney Island: Toilets and Beach Areas

The main toilet on Coney Island can be found at the western end, about 100 meters from the west entrance.

This bathroom runs on solar power since electricity is unavailable on the island. It also utilizes rainwater for flushing and washing. 

The other on-island toilets are portables near the eastern side, by Beach E. 

Coney Island has five themed beach areas. These beach areas are accessible off the tracks from the main path and look out over Pulau Ubin. 

Coney ISland Singapore Map
The entire stretch of the beaches from Beach A to Beach E has different themes and characteristics.

Beach A’s theme is back mangrove trees. Beach B focuses on coastal climbers and beach shrubs.

The other three beaches focus on specific trees: the Rare Coastal Trees, BeachFront Trees, and Coastal Hill Forest Trees. 

NB: If you come from the Punggol Settlement side, your starting point is Beach A.

What to pack when you visit Coney Island 

  • You will want to wear long pants and covered shoes while visiting Coney Island to protect yourself from insects, such as sandflies.
  • Packing insect repellant will also be helpful for you to ward off any unwanted pests. 
  • You will want to bring a bottle of water with you. Unfortunately, the island will not have any water bottles available to you. 
  • Consider packing a few bandaids or a first aid kit if you encounter any scrapes while exploring. 
  • Remember to take anything you bring out of the park, including garbage. 

History of Coney Island Singapore 

Coney Island Singapore was originally called Pulau Serangoon, but over time the English name of “Coney Island” gained popularity. 

In the 1930s and 40s, renowned brothers Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par owned the island.

The two brothers were known for their Tiger Balm, a pain-relieving heat rub.

They constructed a 600-square-meter bungalow on the island- which still exists today, known as the Haw Par Beach Villa.

In the 1950s, the Aw Boon brothers sold the island to a businessman intent on turning it into a leisure resort known as “Singapore Coney Island.” It opened in 1951.

Upon opening, it advertised as the first health resort on an island in Singapore. However, the island was again up for sale only three years later.

After a few other ownership changes, the island came under government control in 1972.

Land reclamation was kicked off in 1975, increasing the landmass to 154 acres (or 64 ha).

After years of reclamation and planning, the Coney Island National Park officially opened in Singapore in 2015. 

Things to do in Coney Island Singapore 


Coney Island will offer you a unique running experience by immersing you in nature if you enjoy running.

The route through the park is only 2km, but if you’re looking for a longer run, you can extend it into the Punggol Waterway. 


Coney Island Walking Solo by @sharsharsmiles

If you’re looking for a more relaxing stroll, you can walk along the promenades at Coney Island Singapore. You can find these nicely paved pathways on the island’s eastern side.

It is a great spot to walk if you don’t want to go far into the island. 

You can also take nice walks along the beaches or casual strolls throughout the island to enjoy all the natural wildlife unique to Coney Island.

The Mangrove Boardwalk is an excellent place to walk and enjoy the lush foliage. 

You can also get a guided walk with one of the many great expert rangers on the island, so keep an eye out for those. 

Remember to stay on the designated pathways to respect the park and its wildlife. 


Cycling at Coney Island Singapore by @jack.tagay
Cycling at Coney Island Singapore by @jack.tagay

The rustic terrain of the park can be a little bumpy at times, but cyclists can easily manage the trails.

You can cycle along the 2km Coney Island Park Connector or traverse the beaches to watch the water. 


If you want to capture unique pre-wedding photos, head to Coney Island Singapore.

The lush foliage adds an extra bit of drama to any pre-wedding photo. 

Watching Sunset 

Sunset View at Coney Island Singapire by @its_andrea.yng
Sunset View at Coney Island Singapore by @its_andrea.yng

Watching the sunset over the water on a lush island is gorgeous.

Since the island closes at 7 pm, you will want to ensure you are near an entrance to the park if you are planning to watch the sunset. 

Restricted Activities 

Here is a brief list of restricted activities while you visit Coney Island Singapore:

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Feeding the monkeys
  • Entering the park during inclement weather.

Holding plastic containers or bottles in your hand is frowned upon since the island monkeys associate the sight with being fed and can become aggressive. 

According to the National Parks website, fishing at Coney Island Singapore is against the law. You can, however, fish at certain spots along Punggol Park.

Type of Travelers that can visit Coney Island: 


Families will enjoy going sightseeing together on the island. It also makes for a great educational trip, allowing you to teach your children about the various foliage and fauna. 

Casuarina Exploration Playground

Our recommended spot for families is the Casuarina Exploratory Nature Playground. This completely natural wooden playground sits on the island’s western side. It is a fun little obstacle course for kids of all ages. 


Couples can enjoy quiet walks together, enjoying Coney Island Singapore’s sights. Enjoy a simple nature walk, or take a couples jog along the beach together. 


Yoga at Coney Island Singapore by @bellelsy

As a solo visitor to Coney Island, you can take in the island’s history and nature, run along the rustic pathways, or stop and search for specific foliage and fauna, such as the endangered Pink-Eyed Pong Pong flower. 

Photographer Enthusiasts 

Photography at Coney Island Singapore by @shotonthe.panda

Photographers will find Coney Island Singapore a picture-perfect haven- whether they are birdwatchers, monkey fans, or nature-shot enthusiasts. There is no shortage of attractive opportunities awaiting to be photographed by you on the island. 

Facilities in Coney Island Singapore 

Coney Island Bike Rental 

Here are two top spots to rent a bicycle near Coney Island Singapore. 

  • GoCycling at Punggol Jetty or Punggol Park
  • Bikes at Waterway

The two locations of GoCycling are the most convenient for bike rentals for Coney Island due to their proximity to the entrance.

Adults’ bike costs start at $8 per hour, while kid bikes start at $6. 

Bikes at Waterway is also conveniently located towards the western entrance of Coney Island. The company offers singles, tandems, and four-seater bicycles, starting at $8 per hour. 


The closest place to legally park your car is near the Punggol Settlement. The Punggol Settlement is about 700 meters, almost half a mile from the Western entrance.

However, if you plan to enter via the eastern entrance, you could park near Punggol East.

It is a bit longer of a distance than parking near the western gate, but choosing to cycle into the island can make it easier. 

Pet-Friendly Island 

Coney Island Singapore is pet-friendly! While there are no specific pet-friendly trails, many people take their pets down one of the beaten trails.

These trails may suit bigger dogs like labradors, not small breeds like chihuahuas. 

Pet Friendly Coney Island Singapore

If you plan to take smaller dogs, renting a bicycle with a storage spot to sit them is ideal when they get tired. 

Best Restaurants nearby

There is a variety of restaurant choices near Coney Island, Singapore. Here are two of our top options for a yummy meal or snack:

  • George’s by the Bay
  • The Punggol Settlement

George’s by the Bay, located at Punggol Point, is great for craving bar or pub-style cuisine.

The service at this restaurant is top-notch, giving you a nice place to sit down and relax after your long nature walks. 

The Punggol Settlement is a great spot to eat dinner while watching the sunset.

This restaurant features a variety of cuisines, including seafood, salads, and more.

If you hope to eat great food while still enjoying Coney Island’s fantastic foliage and sights from afar, you must stop by the Punggol Settlement. 

Coney Island Singapore – Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Coney Island in Singapore is a true hidden gem that offers visitors of all ages a unique and unforgettable experience.

From its rustic charm and natural beauty to its thrilling attractions and delicious food, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

With its unique blend of natural beauty, exciting attractions, and delicious food, it’s no wonder that visitors keep coming back for more.

So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable Coney Island adventure!




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